Tech Infantry Web Archive


TI Season 4.2: The Daughters' War

The story of the events leading up to the Third Civil War.  Incomplete.

TI Season 4.3: Rage Against the Dying of the Light

The complicated story of the Third Civil War.  Mostly complete.

TI Season 8: The Middle Kingdom

Alternate timeline where the Eastern Bloc became the dominant power in human space.  Incomplete.

Prayer for the Technocrats: A Tech Infantry Novella

The story of the Caal Invasion and the collapse of human civilization.  Complete story.

TI Season 9: Born Under a Gray Sky

The story of the Ascension War between the dying Earth Federation and the fledgling Holy Terran Empire.  Complete story.

TI 9.1 Miniseries: Little Pool of Light

A "miniseries" (much shorter story) about the early years of the Holy Terran Empire.  Incomplete, but still in progress.


The Tech Infantry Wiki

The Tech Infantry Wiki contains detailed information about the star systems, alien races, spaceships, weapons, equipment, technology, characters, and historical events of the TI universe.

Earth Fleet Technology Database

Martin's Magnum Opus documenting every Earth Fleet warship in the Third Civil War.  Most of this information is on the Twiki now, but we've kept this page alive because it's Just That Cool (and useful!).

The Tech Infantry Humor Page

An archive of the parodies, jokes, and assorted wackiness that's evolved out of the Tech Infantry universe over the years.