What is the Earth Fleet?

Earth Fleet was, quite simply, the most awesome fighting force ever assembled in the universe.  With over 5 million personnel, major fleet bases on or orbiting over a dozen worlds, with over 600 warships and support vessels, and an attached dedicated arm of the Tech Infantry, there was no military threat in the galaxy that Earth Fleet could not handle.

Then the Vin Shriak Came.

Devastated by the Vin Shriak onslaught, Earth Fleet was still barely holding on, and the tide seemed to be turning.

And then Eastern Bloc-led invasion by the border states fell upon Earth Fleet and the Earth Federation, and the old regime died once and for all.

However, a handful of Earth Fleet ships survived, either as rogue terrorists operating beyond the borders of the new Middle Kingdom, or as prize ships captured and brought into service with the Imperial Fleet, or the navies of the neighboring star nations.

This site is retained as a historical document, to illustrate what Earth Fleet had looked like on the dawn of the 3rd Civil War, circa 2242.  For more up-to-date information on the ships and fleets in service today in the Middle Kingdom, see our sister site.

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