Organization, Ranks, Uniforms, and Insignia

Earth Fleet Organization:

There are four main branches of the Earth Federation Military. There is Earth Fleet proper, which is charged with patrolling the space lanes and operating Earth's mighty fleet of starships. There is the Tech Infantry, which is charged with offensive ground operations and has first call on the best ground weapons and especially awakened individuals. Thirdly, there is the Light Infantry, which is charged with surface defense of Federation Worlds and garrison duty on space stations. Finally, there is the Ministry of Internal Security, which serves as the Military Police and Counter-espionage service. All four branches are under the joint control of the Grand Council through the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Image courtesy Earth Fleet Public Information Office

Earth Fleet itself is organized into several fleets. Each fleet is normally responsible for patrol and defense of a sector of space containing several Federation Star Systems. The individual task forces that make up each fleet are distributed among the various star systems in that fleet's area of responsibility. Individual task forces or even individual ships will then patrol the space lanes and outer reaches of each system, and additional ships may be detached for distant patrol of hyperspace lanes or even make port visits to systems controlled by friendly star empires. Exploration beyond the rim of known space may also be undertaken by individual ships or task groups detached from the border fleets.

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Sector Fleets:

These are the normal Peacetime Deployments of the sector fleets. During time of war, the deployments may change radically, but are kept secret in order to prevent any enemy from taking advantage of such information. Normally, each system in a given sector will be garrisoned with at least one Task Force, which is split in turn into separate Task Groups to cover different planets, asteroid belts, and jumpgates. Each Task Group is split into squadrons, which are groups of 2-6 warships, usually of the same hull type.

1st Fleet: Earth Sector (Earth, Wolf, Elysia, Cronos, Alpha Centauri, G2)
2nd Fleet: Avalon Sector (Avalon, New Paris, Pi, Minos, Proxima Centauri)
3rd Fleet: Phoenix Sector (Phoenix, New Madrid, H3, New Tokyo, Valkyrie, Midgar, Rios, Ashdown)
4th Fleet: Hyperion Sector (Hyperion, Hrothgar, Tarkin, Beowulf, San Angeles, Arnheim)
5th Fleet: Draco Sector (Draco, Van Diemen, Fieras, Deseret, St. Michael's Star, Hodraida)
6th Fleet: Epsilon Sector (Epsilon, Jennifer's Star, Hadley, Port Arthur, Hector)
7th Fleet: Eden Sector (Eden, Babylon, Copernicus, Wilke's Star)

Earth Fleet Ranks:

E-1: Recruit
Only cadets in Basic Training or at one of the three Fleet Academies (originally Kennedy Fleet Academy on Earth, Tereshkova Fleet Academy on Avalon, and Goddard Fleet Academy on Phoenix) hold this rank.
E-2: Spaceman
The lowest rank found on active-duty ships, Spacemen do the grunt work of maintenance and basic services (cook, laundry, etc.) on board starships and starbases.
E-3: Spaceman First Class
Composed of Spacemen with at least six months service, these spacemen do more complicated maintenance and serve as supervisors for individual work parties.
E-4: Technician
Technicians serve as gunners and maintenance supervisors on most starships.
E-5: Senior Technician
Senior Technicians supervise lower-rank work details on most large starships, and as assistants for Petty Officers.

Non-Commissioned Officers (Petty Officers):
E-6: Petty Officer, Third Class
E-7: Petty Officer, Second Class
E-8: Petty Officer, First Class
The various grades of Petty Officers are in charge of watch details in departments such as Main Engineering, Computer Rooms, and Damage Control. They also serve as assistants to officers on smaller starships.
E-9: Chief Petty Officer
E-10: Senior Chief Petty Officer
E-11: Master Chief Petty Officer
The various grades of Chief Petty Officers carry out the same duties as Petty Officers, but on the bigger starships. They also tend to serve as "Bosun" or senior NCO on any given starship, or in a fleet or squadron.
E-12: Fleet Chief Petty Officer
There is only one Fleet Chief Petty Officer at a time, and he or she serves as the senior NCO for the entire Earth Fleet at Grand Fleet Command on Avalon.

Commisioned Officers:
O-1: Ensign
The lowest rank of officer serves as a bridge or watch officer on smaller ships such as frigates or corvettes, and may serve as an assistant to that post on larger starships.
O-2: Junior Grade Lieutenant
A typical Junior Grade Lieutenant serves as a bridge or watch officer on smaller ships such as Destroyers or Escort Frigates, and may serve as an assistant to that post on larger starships. Most shuttle and fighter pilots are also this rank.
O-3: Lieutenant
Lieutenants serve as bridge or watch officers on medium-sized starships such as Cruisers, Carriers, and Battlecruisers, or as Executive Officers or Chief Engineers for smaller ships like Frigates and Destroyers.
O-4: Lieutenant Commander
A Lieutenant Commander may be the captain of a small ship such as a Frigate or Corvette, or the executive officer or Chief Engineer on a destroyer or cruiser, or a bridge/watch officer on a Dreadnought, or a commander of a fighter squadron.
O-5: Commander
A Commander will serve as the captain of a Destroyer, or as an executive officer or Chief Engineer on a Cruiser or Battlecruiser, or as Fighter Wing Commander on a Battlecruiser or light carrier, or as a bridge officer on a Star Control Ship.
O-6: Captain
A Captain may serve as the commanding officer of a Cruiser or Battlecrusier, or as the executive officer on a Dreadnought, or the fighter wing commander on a Dreadnought or Heavy Carrier.
O-7: Commodore
A Commodore may command a squadron of frigates or destroyers, or be the captain of a Dreadnought, or the executive officer of a Star Control Ship.

Flag Officers:
O-8: Rear Admiral
A Rear Admiral may command a squadron of Cruisers, or be the captain of a Star Control Ship.
O-9: Vice Admiral
A Vice Admiral will command a squadron of Battlecruisers or Carriers, or a full Task Group.
O-10: Admiral
A Full Admiral will command a squadron of Dreadnoughts or a full Task Force.
O-11: Fleet Admiral
A Fleet Admiral commands one of the six full Fleets of Earth Fleet, or serves on the Admiralty General Staff of Earth Fleet.
O-12: Grand Fleet Admiral
There is only one Grand Fleet Admiral at a time, and he or she commands the entire Earth Fleet, and serves as the Earth Fleet member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the direct authority of the Grand Council.

Earth Fleet Uniforms and Insignia

Uniforms based on those seen in the 1984 Miniseries `V'

The standard duty Earth Fleet Uniform is a red tunic over coal-grey trousers. There is no separate female uniform, merely a slightly different cut of the tunic and trousers to better fit the female body. Rank is indicated both by collar pips and sleeve stripes. Enlisted crewmen's tunics have three diagonal white stripes on the left shoulder, and rank is indicated by wavy white stripes on each sleeve as well as by bronze, silver, or gold lozenges or double-triangles on the collar. Officers' tunics have three diagonal black stripes on the left shoulder, and rank is indicated by straight gold stripes on the sleeve, and bronze, silver, or gold pips or stars on the collar. Officers of flag rank (Rear Admirals and above) have two diagonal gold stripes between the black shoulder stripes, and an inset silver disk on the belt buckle, but otherwise the uniform is the same as regular officers.

Enlisted Rank Insignia:

Enlisted Collar InsigniaEnlisted Sleeve Stripes

Officers' Rank Insignia:

Officers' Collar InsigniaOfficers' Sleeve Stripes

Medals and Decorations

Earth Fleet Personnel can earn and receive many kinds of medals and decorations. Some are awarded for courage in battle above and beyond what can be expected of any human being. Some are awarded for exceptional performance of duties in peacetime. Some are awarded for participation in major wars, campaigns, and battles. Some are awarded for long and honorable service. All awards are recognized on the uniform by means of chest ribbons, and on ceremonial occasions by medals. The two highest awards also have ceremonial collar ribbons. For a list of some of the highest awards, click here.

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