Tech Infantry 9.1 Miniseries: Little Pool of Light

Yasuyama Family Tree
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Prologue: Never Walk Away

Introducing the new player characters for Season 9.1.  Thomas is invited to meet with a Jackal when his boss drops in unexpectedly.  Ascension convinces the Juravain to invade someplace other than her home planet.  Viktor is saved from death only to face a future that might be worse.  Scout searches Edo for traces of the Caal, then joins the Bugs for a light mornining workout.  Ryoko is sent on a diplomatic trade mission with a charming bodyguard.

Episode One: Rotting on the Sea

Viktor reviews the ships and crew of the Fifth Fleet and finds discipline to be a bit lax.  Ryoko meets an Elder of House Tremont and decides to go on a tour of the local cruiser.  Scout follows the path of the Caal Invasion to Jennifer's Star, where he has a minor disagreement about transport fees.  Thomas almost negotiates an alliance with the Fearless Jackals, but they need him to do a quick little job for them first.  Ascension plans a revolution to overthrown Countess Franciso, but the Countess beats her to it.

Episode Two: My Heart of Stone

Ascension survives the Countess' orbital strike, and retaliates by launching a revolution.  Ryoko inspects a warship and stumbles across a political mystery.  Viktor goes to extreme lengths to establish law and order in the Fifth Fleet.  Scout learns about the Orb, then goes for joy ride in his ship.  Thomas meets with Magistrates, brokers with Barons, and has a light snack.

Episode Three: An Inferior and Unimaginative Mind

Ryoko is chased across a space station by Christian Federation troopers before getting an unlikely rescue in the nick of time.  Ascension arranges a conference between the K'Nes, Jurvain, and Kalintos government.  Thomas holds another meeting and talks some more.  On his way to Avalon, Scout encounters a Caal and they have a lively conversation.  Viktor is touring the Bughouse when everything all goes to hell at once.

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