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November 1st, 2243 – “All the News that’s Fit to Transmit!” – Vol. 322, No. 6


Major-General Arthur Clarke Inaugurated As 42nd Chairman Of The Grand Council


AVALON (October 28th) – Grand Fleet Admiral Kristen Vorheis began the opening ceremonies for the newly-reinstated Federation Senate. She thanked the patience of the citizens of the Federation, as the road to restoring the government, after the cowardly attack of Rashid King, “has been long and difficult.” She continued by saying it was now the Senate’s job to establish an effective slate of ministers able to tackle the task of bringing the Federation to victory.

As the Senate deliberated in orbit above the capital planet, for security reasons, the initial session went long into the night, as the leaders of all three parties worked hard to decide who would compose the twelve-member body.

Although Vorheis, as the leader of the newly-formed Victory Coalition, was nominated as well as Agilé Onymalius, leader of the Populist Union. Although both figures were accepted as part of the slate, the Agrarian Democrats (the largest remaining bloc from the Minority Coalition) under Andrew Djonicz refused to support either candidate for the chairmanship. Without enough votes, the Senate was deadlocked, until the admiral offered an alternative candidate.

To everyone’s surprise, Arthur Clarke, presumed dead, walked into the Senate chamber on board the orbiting ship, and nominated himself to the Grand Council. This motion was quickly seconded and then unanimously approved. Djonicz himself nominated Clarke to the chairmanship and was quickly voted into office.

Further genetic and ethereal scans, including possession of his famous sword, confirmed that it truly was the honored general. When asked about the incident in New Chicago over four months ago, Clarke commented that “my son, Jon Clarke, having discovered a plot against my life, offered to take my place in a trap to bring out my assassins. My only regret is that he wasn’t able to fight them off… he died a noble and honored death.”

In his inauguration speech, broadcasted throughout the Galactic Net, Clarke swore to bring “peace, law, and order back to the galaxy.” After the speech, the former general met with the three party leaders and established a coalition government, leaving no dissenting voice in the Senate. “At a time like this,” Onymalius reported to the press, “we can not afford to be divided. The decisions of this Grand Council must be clear and understood. We cannot hope to win unless our citizens and the military have clear goals… and our enemies know our resolve.”


Victory at New Paris


NEW PARIS (October 27th) – The Jurvain invasion of our space has been thwarted by the valiant efforts of our diligent fleet. Admiral Shoemaker and his picket faced the vast forces of the reorganized Jurvain 2nd Fleet, comprising one-third of the alien’s forces. The New Paris picket suffered badly from being outnumbered, but the commanding admiral managed to delay their attack long enough for reinforcements to arrive from Avalon via the digital gate.

The battle was a vicious exchange of ships so violent that it could be seen from the third planet easily. The Jurvain did not even attempt to hold any of their ships back, continuing to pummel their way through the hastily-constructed battle lines. With the bulk of the fleet finally catching up to Shoemaker’s picket, they withdrew towards the defenses of the planet. The aliens followed and Rear Admiral Joesph Smythe released his ambush, sending his fighters crashing into them from all sides. The slaughter was immense on both sides, but the entire Jurvain fleet, minus its assaults transports which fled back to Van Diermen, was destroyed.

With the inner systems secured, and the Jurvain threat temporarily blunted, we can be assured of the Federation’s commitment to defending ourselves from alien invasion. However, as Commander Cartwright, press secretary for the Grand Fleet Admiral said, “this security came at too high a price.”


Cats Advance On Midgar


NEW TOKYO (October 30th) – As the Federation was making its stand on New Paris against the Jurvain, their allies, the K’Nes, launched their attack into human-controlled space. Their previous withdrawal from the Midgar system seemed to be a ruse, determined to draw the rebels into a false sense of security. Once their unholy alliance was made public, they seized Andersvald, and went straight through to Midgar.

The rebels rushed a legion to secure the planet as the K’Nes tried to secure the system. The troopers on the ground were able to hold against the cats’ assault until reinforcements arrived. The rebel fleet engaged the enormous amount of fighters that the K’Nes fleet possessed. Not used to fighter tactics that the cats used frequently, they were forced back to New Tokyo. Whereas the rebels on the ground were initially triumphant, they were thrown into disarray by a sneak attack. The Midgar System is now firmly in cat hands. It is doubtful that they will stop there and New Tokyo is preparing for the inevitable assault.


Resistance Seize Scientific Outpost At Draco


AVALON (October 29th) – It has only recently been revealed that the Resistance has managed to break the military jumpgate codes for Draco and move in to seize the system. This is the latest in a series of advances by the renegade terrorist organization as they try to seize power for themselves at the price of the security for the citizens of the Federation. The scientific outpost which was the launching point for much of our research and development projects was vital to the continued health of the Federation.

When this information was released to the press, Lieutenant-General Irene Weirimu, the new commanding officer of the Tech Infantry promoted by Chairman Clarke, stated that “at first, the Resistance was a nuisance, seizing frontier worlds of little benefit to the Federation’s more important concerns. With this latest act, they have proven that the old administration has let them grow beyond what we can allow. The Grand Council will no longer tolerate their violation of our space.”


Valkriye Falls To Fundies


NEW MADRID (October 24th) – Naval Command reports that they have lost contact with the Valkriye System.  It is presumed that it has fallen to the Righteous Army and joined the so-called “Christian” Federation.  Intelligence reports that a significant amount of naval ships has left Phoenix towards the Valkriye jumpgate.  Earth Fleet Command regards the system as lost.

Few details are known about the attack.  What has been released to the press is that their orbital defense command reported that one of their corvettes had suffered damage and was coming down from orbit.  Then a warning flash was transmitted for a few seconds before the signal was cut.

This represents the most recent invasion of Federation territory ever since the disaster impacted upon the Righteous Army by Captain Xinjao O’Reilly, the brave engineer who organized a resistance to fight and finally destroy the Phoenix Yards, denying their use to the enemy.  Since the Valkyrie system has been cut off from Federation support for months, this loss does not come as a shock to most military experts.  However, the state of the Christian Federation’s ability to defend itself has been questioned recently.  The fact that they finally moved against that system may be a sign that the Righteous Army is not as badly damaged as previously assumed.


Mass Exodus From Rios


NEW MADRID (October 26th) – Following hotly on the loss of Valkyrie, a mass of commercial freighters and some warships arrived in the New Madrid System from Rios. The Jurvain 3rd Fleet used their gravity drives and jumped into the system, frightening the small picket there. With them, the aliens brought with them a jumpgate construction ship, and proceeded to rebuild the Ashdown-Rios route. Afraid to leave the construction site, for fear that the small picket would sneak around and destroy it, this bought the people Rios sometime as the governor called for a full evacuation. Once the jumpgate was constructed, a significant portion of the system’s inhabitants were able to withdraw to New Madrid, covered by the small picket. Luckily, the Jurvain were so concerned establishing their conduit, that they weren’t able to reach the slower refugees before their entered hyperspace.

Although the system was lost to the aliens, several thousand of our citizens remained to destroy buildings, public services; anything that could be of use to the enemy. Their sacrifice will hopefully slow the Jurvain’s advance and allow us time to build up an adequate defense. This is truly a noble act in the best traditions of the Federation.


Universal Draft Approved In “State of Galactic Emergency”


AVALON (October 31st) – Chairman Arthur Clarke addressed the Federation Senate after consultation with the Grand Council, calling for the assembly to approve his call for a “State of Galactic Emergency.” The former general was clear to point out that this would not impinge upon the rights of the Senate, the restoration of government administration, or any other duly-elected body. However, the emergency status does bestow the chairman with the right to issue mandatory declarations which have the full force of law, with consultation of the Grand Council.

Clarke wasted no time and immediately enacted five pieces of legislation. The first converted all production facilities to military control to establish the Federation on a full war footing. Severe rationing of all civilian materials would be administered by the Ministry of Commerce. To prevent what has been described as “a damburst of vital information,” transmissions via the Galactic Net and freedom of the Press are to be severely restricted by the Ministry of Public Information. To prevent misusage of these powers, all major appropriations of materiel, whether it be people, resources, or private property, must be approved by the Chairman’s Office.

However, it was the final declaration that the Senate challenged, the call for a universal draft of all citizens, awakened and unawakened, between the ages of 16 and 32. This would be enforced by a enlarged Tech Infantry Special Service, better known as the Raptors, who are “trained in this sort of detail.” The chairman was called before the Senate to justify this drastic action. Clarke stated that “our government, indeed our very way of life, is on the verge of devastation. We must use all our resources, including human resources, to win this war and preserve the Federation.”

Deliberation continued long into the All Hallows’ Eve night until an agreement was reached between the chairman and the senate leadership. The draft would be allowed, as long as “unsuitable” or “handicapped” people were diverted to production work, and if a “senate investigation office” could be established to investigate and prevent any abuses of the Five Acts. The measures were finally approved by the Senate in thunderous applause. The chairman stated that “we have taken the first steps towards victory. With the people, the government, and the military united as one, we’ll finally be able to restore our nation.”


In Other News –


I keep forgetting to put the experience points at the end of episode. Anyway, here ya go:


Andy B. (Richter): 5 pts per act x 4 = 20 pts + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 5 Good Orders + 10 Early Turn-In = 50 points.

Andy W. (Hex): 5 pts per act x 4 = 20 pts + 5 Story + 5 Personality + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 45 points.

Chris (Treschi): 5 pts per act x 3 = 15 pts + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 30 points.

Ed (O’Reilly): 5 pts peract x 4 = 20 pts + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 5 Good Orders = 40 points.

Frank (Dimiye): 5 pts per act x 3 = 15 pts + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 45 points.

Josh (Spyder): 5 pts per act x 4 = 20 pts + 5 Story + 5 Personality + 5 Good Orders = 35 points.

Martin (Von Shrakenberg): 5 pts per act x 4 = 20 pts + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 5 Good Orders = 40 points.

Matt (Smith): 5 pts per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 10 Early Turn-In = 40 points.

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