Tongbuloku Chaebol Ilbo \ Bloc Business Bulletin

“To Know Thy Enemy Is To Know Thyself”

October 1st, 2243 \ International Version \ Vol. 25, No. 6




News of the Battle of Avalon spread to the frontier within the first few days of the engagement. Reports continued to stream in over the passing week about the conduct of the battle. While the mutual annihilation of both Federations continued unabated, the leaders of other nations immediately went into consultation with their governments and with each other. Whatever the outcome of the battle, it would greatly affect the end result of the general war. Although the Imperial Council decided to honor the cease fire imposed wrongly upon us by the so-called Emergency Council, the Jurvain Commonality and the K’Nes Tor went into negotiations, to redefine their relationship. They signed a treaty of alliance in Urrin, with Horrath III himself blessing the arrangement, authorizing the activation of their armed forces.


Once it was determined that the “loyalist” Federation had won the engagement, the new alliance went into action, claiming the Frontier Worlds Territory “null and void.” The K’Nes fleet immediately seized the systems of Andersvald and Sarma, while the Jurvain took little time in seizing the systems of Kalintos, Chalfont, and Circe. President Janeila Manchester and her cabinet fled to Charbydis and immediately asked for protection from the Eastern Bloc. The Imperial Council, with consultation with the Emperor, approved the arrangement and sent our limited fleet into the Hadrian and Charbydis systems. The Midgar System, so recently relinquished by the K’Nes and united with the FWT, has asked General Russell Fargus, new leader of the “rebel” Federation, for union with their government. They relunctantly agreed.


Within a few days, the entire structure of the FWT has collapsed, the Federation has been weakened, and the alien governments have united to crush humanity. The course of the general war has changed.


The “Christian Federation” suffered a minor setback to their ship production, therefore putting their Righteous Navy already further behind their neighbors in sheer numbers. The Phoenix Yards, taken a couple months ago from the Federation, was destroyed by Earth Fleet crewmen who had been captured during their seizure of the station. A miniature resistance had been formed to fight Bad Andy’s forces, resulting in not only the destruction of their 1st Fleet, but of their main spacebase.

Rumors also tell of the destruction of weapons and research facilities on their home systems of Arnheim and San Angeles, however this has been denied by the Righteous Army’s spokesman, Francis Harding. He stated to the Ilbo that “The slaves of these worlds love to take any opportunity to demean and degrade the Lord’s children. The truth is that these were minor incidents and by no means impede our crusade to convert the galaxy to Christ. Our cause is just, we will prevail.”


Bugs continue to press on as the remnants of the Frontier Worlds Territory’s Armada and Colonial Marines are taken off as quickly as possible. The Boyne System is quickly being voided of human life and Bug fleets are reported to be swarming upon the system; the Armada is fighting desperately to allow time for the few remaining troopers to escape. The Eastern Bloc will be detaching some of its fleet to Boyne just as soon as they reach Charbydis. However, although the FWT has been divided, the crusade against the Bugs will continue.


The Commonality made a daring move by moving their Van Diemen fleet into the New Paris systems, only a few days after the Federation victory in the nearby capital system. The Jurvain 2nd Fleet has engaged the Earth Fleet picket there under the command of Admiral Shoemaker. No news has been received on the course of the battle, but since forces from that systems were used to relieve the Avalon defenders, the prognosis does not look good.




The Imperial Council has ordered the addition of more fixed orbital defenses to Bloc systems after the reports given by observers at the Battle of Avalon. Their reports, as yet unreleased to the press, are rumored to give detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of orbital platforms, after their extensive use in the conflict.


Tessier-Ashpool has closed it’s Dalien operations after disappointing losses in their last quarter returns. Their stockholder dividend was only 5 centi-creds per share, which dropped consumer confidence in the stock, especially among Bloc investors, including the Arasaka conglomorate. Their “pleasure-world” industry on Dalien 5 has been sold to Wing Kong Interglobal, which plans to continue the operation of the resort.


In Other News


The experience for this turn goes as follows…


Andy B. (Richter): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 5 Good Orders = 40 points.

Andy W. (Hex): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Personality + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 45 points.

Chris (Treschi): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 35 points.

Ed (O’Reilly): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 5 Good Orders = 40 points.

Frank (Caleb aka Dimiye): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 50 points.

Josh (Spyder): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Personality = 30 points.

Martin (Von Shrakenberg): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 5 Complete Story + 5 Personality + 10 Early Turn-In + 5 Good Orders = 50 points.

Matt (Smith): 5 points per act x 4 = 20 points + 5 Story + 10 Early Turn-In = 35 points.


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