International Edition


“All the News That’s Fit to Transmit”


September 1st, 2243 – Vol. 321, No. 6


Gallant Defense Continues


AVALON – The fight on the ground and in the skies continues to rage on our beloved nation’s capital. Brought upon by the cowardly attack by Auntie Sarah and her band of rebels, our valiant forces continue to struggle against the wicked foe, as they threaten to enslave all of humanity into a military dictatorship.


Reports are sketchy as of late. What information is known is that the rebels have landed a significant force on the mostly-empty New African continent, but military sources have confirmed that they remained contained and no threat to the capital city.


However, there were several attacks by lone “commando” groups, disabling normal communication for near orbit access, and the destruction of the Defense Building. According to undisclosed sources at Patton Base, those groups are identified as the infamous Dead Boy Division, the same unit which committed terrible atrocities in the insurgents’ drive against the Eastern Bloc. With their leader dead and their forces in retreat, sources assure us that they will soon be captured, and put on trial for their war crimes.


In the skies above us, however, the battle rages on. The rebel’s paltry fleet continues to get bashed by the overwhelming might of our military forces. Kristen Vorheis, CNC of Earth Fleet, stated that “despite the immediate surprise of their attack, our forces have reacted swiftly. We should expect their decimation within the next few days.” Although details are again sketchy, the posthumous awards for gallantry, including on for “Raging” Reese Jamison, that have been issued out of Admiral Vorheis’ office tell a gruesome tale, as our noble fleet pays a high price in order to keep our fair democracy free and unfettered.


Grand Council Assassinated!


AVALON – It is only now being revealed that the entire Grand Council has been assassinated by the once trusted leader of Internal Security, Marshal Rashid King. Reports are coming in that at the emergency meeting of the Council, the marshal was brought up on accusation of treason against the Federation. Before these charges could be brought forth, King proved his own guilt, smuggled a plasma revolver into the chambers, and proceeded to kill every member of the Grand Council.


Not much is known of the battle that ensued. However, when members of the Tech Infantry Special Service (better known as the “Raptors”) arrived several minutes later, King had just managed to kill the last of the members. The marshal was then killed himself after resisting arrest by the Raptors, therefore completely the death of the entire executive body of the Federation. At this dark time in our nation’s history, this is truly the blackest point.


An Eye For An Eye


WILKE’S STAR – At the same time as our noble leaders were being assassinated, the insurgents showed their true colors. A faction of military leaders, led by Major-General Russell Fargus, managed to seize power in Wilke’s Star. Upset over Auntie Sarah’s use of deadly chemicals to “augment” humans to supernatural abilities, her repeated misuse of power, and the unexplained withdrawal from a contested system, they took it upon themselves to remove this dictator from power. However, before she was able to brought before a war crimes tribunal, she was killed in the firefight that ensured.


Fargus immediately worked to establish the consent of the planetary governors and their assemblies, legitimizing this change of power. Apparently the general had managed to unite almost all of the military leaders under his command before the coup struck.


We earnestly hope that this is a first step to the eventual dissolution of their cause, bringing the rebels back to the fold.



International Edition


“Voice of the True Federation!”


September 1st, 2243 – Vol. 178, No. 1


Striking At The Heart Of The Enemy


AVALON – At least, the glorious fight to restore our Federation is coming to an end. After a brief diversion at Babylon to throw off their corrupt generals, the Emergency Council launched a fierce strike at the weak underbelly of the false Federation, their capital Avalon.


Not much is known yet, due to operational security, however early reports coming in from official and unofficial sources state that the 27th Army has managed to land on the New African continent and is progressing slowly toward the capital city.  Several engagements against the enemy have proven successful and causing chaos within the Fed ranks.


One other unit managed to reach the surface of Avalon, the famous 9th of the 86th, better known as the Dead Boy Division, whose exploits have become legendary during our campaign against the Eastern Bloc’s aggression. They managed to penetrate the capital city, destroying their communications, and even blow up the Defense Building. However, this success has come at a high price to the true Federation. Major Alistar Dimiye, their division commander, gave his life delaying the quisling’s forces so that his unit could live. The Emergency Council has posthumously awarded him the Medal of Valor.


Meanwhile our fleet, under the experienced command of Admiral Danielle Twedt, hero of the space Battle of Epsilon, leads her forces to victory over the confused, disorganized, disheartened forces of the false Federation. After knocking a break in their orbital defense, we exploited the breach, managing to land some of our ground forces before being pushed back, but only at the cost of many of the Grand Council’s ships. Again, details are not available, but the several squadrons in our massive fleet are known to have been lost. As the largest space battle in humanity’s history continues to rage on, our fleets pay a heavy price to liberate the Federation.

Sweep Away The Trash


AVALON – The false Federation tried to hide their sudden shame for a week before it was revealed to the universe. Marshal Rashid King, responsible for the deaths and unexplained disappearances of millions in his tenure as commandant of InSec, brought two plasma revolvers into the Grand Council chambers, and proceeded to open fire. This sudden destructive outburst is assumed to be regarding the reappearance of Commodore Erich “Gatecrasher” Von Shrakenberg, a known patsy for the late chairman.


As King and his agents proceeded to unload their weapons on the unsuspecting members, one of them came into the room, took out his sword, and began to fight the marshal with blinding speed. While they fought, the Raptors, acting like a modern-day Praetorian Guard, defeated the capitol defenses and burst their way into the chambers. However, before they could kill the Grand Council themselves, King had already finished the job; the marshal also dead. From this action, it’s obvious that the false Federation has shown its true colors


A Tale Of Two Marshals


WILKE’S STAR – General Russell Fargus held a press conference yesterday, revealing the events that have completely shocked the true Federation. It has been revealed that Marshal Sarah Dunmeyer, the woman who led the cry against the Grand Council, was misusing her authority as head of the Emergency Council.


Previously undisclosed documents prove that Marshal Dunmeyer was directly responsible for conducting illegal and hazardous tests on LI volunteers, creating augmented soldiers with supernatural characteristics. Meeting minutes from the Emergency Council also prove her misuse of power, “bullying” the Council into “rubberstamping” her decisions.


With the sudden withdrawal from the Babylon System, General Fargus knew he “had to do something.” Moving with a small cadre of military leaders, they moved to arrest the marshal, but she resisted, resulting in her death.


“With new leadership,” Fargus said, “we will finally bring equality for humans and awakened.’


In Other News –


If you haven’t figured it out yet… Frank D’Antuono, unfortunately, has left the game, citing family and work-related problems adding stress to his life, chiseling away at his energy and inspiration. We will miss the exploits of Major Alistar Dimiye, but the story must go on. Besides, walking alone into the enemy guns, dying while saving his unit was a noble way to go out. BTW, Dimiye is dead. That means he’s not available as an NPC for other player’s stories, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, or occasional appearances.


Players come and go… Tim Reynolds, who doubles as my cousin in real life, is coming into the game to take over Frank’s player position. He’ll be playing a new character set in the Christian Federation (where all the stylish characters are going). Details beyond that will not be revealed until his prologue next turn. If you wish to contact him, his address is trey497@yahoo.com.


You wanted it, you got it… here are the long overdue standings:


Rank One Standings

Warfare: Xavier Pollos (Matt Hutchinson)

Magic: Andrea Treschi (Chris Yarwood)

Social: Erich Von Shrakenberg (Martin Hohner)

Intelligence: Xinjao O’Reilly (Ed Stasheff)


Rank Four Standings

Warfare: Hex (Andy Wooden)

Magic: Xinjao O’Reilly (Ed Stasheff)

Social: Hex (Andy Wooden)

Intelligence: Xavier Pollos (Matt Hutchinson)

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