April 10th, 2243 - Spreading the Word!


Christian Federation's Double Cross Symbol


"No Creed But Christ. No Book But The Bible. No Law But The Lord!"


Message from the Commander

Greetings! The northeast frontier is finally free, as they've thrown off the chains and slavery of the Whore of Avalon, truly united in the hope and fellowship of Christ! The Christian Federation is born out of the ashes of old one. We are called hypocrites and opportunists by the Grand Council, demagogues and butchers by the Rebels, and terrorists and self-righteous madmen by the Resistance! In truth, we are not self-righteous, but truly righteous, basking in the light and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

In these enlightened and awakened days, the Word of the Lord is forgotten, cast aside like so many old clothes. What has this new atheist society given us? Magic has become rampant and yet only a few can enjoy their benefits. Limitless technology that fills our head with wonders but falls helpless against the simplest of diseases. New worlds to colonize only to be destroyed by aliens. Wars spring up constantly with millions killing each other over the pettiest of political squabbles. Is this what life without Jesus means?

If you see the lie that your life is without the Lord, then it's time to make a change! Confess your sins, be forgiven, and BELIEVE As a follower of Christ, you have an obligation to go out and make disciples of all nations. In these enlightened times, though, is it truly safe for you to spread the Word? We, the galactic community of believers, have united together to throw off the chains of sin and the Federation! As Christ himself "did not come to bring peace, but a sword," (Matthew 10:34, NFSV) so we too must fight and lead humanity to true freedom.

I look forward to welcoming you all to a better future.


Andrew Tremont

Commander of the Faithful


Foiled at Phoenix


The blood-sucking aberrations of the Devil, calling themselves the Kingdom of Enoch, tried to bite their fangs into Federation's juiciest prize, the Phoenix System. In they went with their antiquated ships and did battle with the Whore's fleet, and down they fell, like Satan's followers before the Lord. The fortifications and ships of the Phoenix System exist as an obstacle too difficult for man or beast.

What was left of the Enoch fleet ran back to their little hovels in Valkriye. Doubtless the Federation will send a task force to finally drive the vampires from our precious soil. The sanctity of Earth's daughter systems has already been tainted by foul corruption. The destruction of Enoch's offensive capability will leave us to resolve our own problems.


Brother Against Brother


The talk is over; finally the Whores of Avalon and the Bitch Sarah have finally come to blows. In the system of New Madrid, the Grand Council finally sent their fleet and pushed out their mortal enemies, the Tl Rebels. Although the details are still rather sketchy, it seems as if the Whore's Fleet managed to sneak a destroyer squadron into the system, ran through the planet's orbit, and were destroyed. Of course, they managed to take several capital ships with them, weakening the Rebel Fleet, forcing them to run for the jumpgate back to Rios.

Of course, the New Madrid system is not the decisive victory that the collection of idiots on Avalon need. It is a backwater system, but their move does attempt to stop the growing tide of entropy that seeks to swallow their fading government whole. Hyperion was easily seized afterwards, resulting in the small garrison left to defend it surrendering to the Whore's forces. The battle on the ground continues to rage on, but it is doubtful that the poor Tl will be able to defeat their larger brothers. Now the Bitch's fleet is trapped in Rios, stuck between their enemy's main fleet in New Madrid and the horror of Fieras.


Another One Joins the Fold


The Righteous Army, through the magnificent leadership of Commander Tremont, have added the Alpha Centauri system to the union of the Christian Federation. Defeating the small picket placed there to enforce the quarantine, we have established a stronger foothold, from which we can displace their despicable government. Our fleet had managed to crack their military jumpgate codes, sneaking into the system, and overpowered the few scientific and military bases there.

Although we have not sent forces to the surface of the main habitable planets, the research seized from the scientists states that the planets should be able to be colonized again shortly. A cure for the Sakras Plague is underway, and without the deadly bureaucracy of the Federation stifling them, the researchers proudly proclaim that they will have the cure within months. With the help of Christ our Lord, we will reclaim that planet for the believers.


Eastern Bloc Pushed West


The rebels have managed to do one thing right. After embarrassing the Bloc at Hadley, the Tech Infantry have shifted their forces and punched back the Eastern Bloc invasion at Epsilon. Although reports are sketchy, it seems as if the unbelievers are being tossed back into their own space. Stories have leaked out about massive casualties on both sides, but this is irrelevant. When fighting in the Lord's name, all loss is counted gain. (Phil 3:8, NFSV)


Special Report


Our noble informants within the collapsing Earth Federation, assisting us in the devastation of its corrupt body, have given us the most current borders during this glorious crisis. This chart is included in this edition of the Gabriel's Trumpet. The Whores of Avalon didn't want this information to get out; they would rather fool the sons of Earth that they are winning this war. Ha! They are far from victory. Glory to our noble cause and our leader! We will throw down Gomorrah and build New Jerusalem on its ashes!


In Other News


*** As usual, orders for "Blood of Patriots, Act II" (or for those who prefer numbers, Turn 10) is due on Wednesday, September 13th, at 8 am. Don't be late!


*** In case I didn't mention it, for those writing stories, you're doing a great job! Keep it up!


*** There has some changes in the Rank One standings, so here you go:


Warfare: Alistar Dimiye (Frank D'Antuono)

Magic: Andrea Treschi (Chris Yarwood)

Social: Alistar Dimiye (Frank D'Antuono) & Erich Von Shrakenberg (Martin Hohner) - TIE!

Intelligence: Xinjao O'Reilly (Ed Stasheff)


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