March 24th, 2243

You think you know what’s really happening? Get ready for a full-blast version of the TRUTH!


Why We Fight


Despite what you may have heard, the Resistance is far from dead. We’re broadcasting loud and proud to anyone who wants to take off the blinders the Fed has downloaded into your brain and hear the TRUTH. There is more that’s going on out there than the newsvids are letting the “citizens” know; what they’re allowed to know by what is laughably called the Earth Federation. That’s why we fight. The Technocracy… oh, sorry, they’re called Internal Security now; new name, same fast, friendly service… has been trying to control humanity by conscripting awakened and shapeshifters into the thrice-damned Tech Infantry. We’ve fought on Earth for over a generation and now we’re ready to bring that dinosaur to the tar pit where it belongs.


Thanks to the work of our brothers and sisters, led by none other than Marko Vitek himself, the revolution is at hand! At present, we hold five ex-Earth Fleet ships, and lots of freighters to drop our liberators to the surface. The most recent news is that the Copernicus and Eden Systems have joined our “core” systems of Earth, Wolf, and Elysia. Copernicus signed on with us soon enough. We decoded the military hyperspace codes and now have linked the northwest frontier into one union! Eden System was under the control of what InSec calls the “Rebels.” Heh, yeah right… Anyway, the minute they started having trouble with the Bloc, they pulled out their ships in Eden, and we moved right in.


We especially hope this message goes out to our brothers and sisters in Babylon and Proxima Systems. If you’re sick and tired of the Federation, the time to rise up is NOW! We have agents on the ground ready to assist and get the word out. Our fleet and troops are never far away.


Bloc’ing Up The West


The Federation forgot about the Eastern Bloc, but they never forgot the Federation. No one knows how they managed to leave Earth just before the Bug asteroid wiped everything else out, but they managed to, and now have a nice empire on the rim. Now those slant-eyes are moving in seizing every piece of real estate they can get while the Grand Council ain’t looking. Adding to their totals of Port Arthur and Hadley systems, you can say goodbye to Epsilon as well. The “Rebels” bolted out of there once the main Bloc fleet showed its ugly face. Hector System’s still free, but it’s isolated. Stories coming out of there say that they’re in a state of anarchy and several factions are fighting on the ground. Others are saying they’re trying to join the Frontier Worlds. Others say that the Bloc’s been avoiding it because of a Bug attack. In our opinion, as long as they’re not in anyone’s hands, at least they’re safe. Don’t worry, brothers and sisters, we’re coming for you.


Three Eyes Aren’t Better Than One


The Jurvain Commonality (what the hell do they have in common?) continues on the march. The Federation (in its infinite wisdom) decided to pull the 2nd Fleet back to the Van Diemen System and leave St. Michael’s Star wide open! Of course, the Jurvain took immediate advantage of it, and sent a piddlingly small force, then took it! God knows what’s happening there now; we can only hope that the Jurvain are more merciful than the Council that abandoned them. Then they decided to take the Rios System while they were at it. Most of the alien’s 2nd Fleet went out; nothing came back. Turns out the Earth Fleet did something right this time, blew the Ashdown jumpgate, and half the Jurvain fleet with it! After that, it wasn’t that hard to clean up the left-over ships. However, before they could do that, Auntie Sarah got in the way, and took over!


No Rebels In The Tech Infantry


Here’s the one thing we can’t understand about this war. How the hell does the Grand Council call the Tech Infantry “rebels?” The Technoc… sorry, InSec, has been using the TI for decades as their little shock troops. Did they really think their pet tiger wouldn’t bite them in the ass?! Anyway, Sarah Dunmeyer, the murdering bitch of Wilke’s Star, still claims to be part of the Earth Federation, and yet sets up her “Emergency Council” to run her part of the show. This month, her latest feat? Gain Rios, lose Epsilon; it’s a chess game between her and Chairman Johnson and she’s losing big time. Word on the street says that Rios cost a lot more than they bargained for so their part of Earth Fleet’s pretty banged up. Plus add the fact that her “rebels” are split; they’re going to need to seize a connecting system badly or the Grand Council’s going to wipe them out fast. We don’t particularly like Auntie Sarah or her rebellion, but as long as it keeps the Grand Council off our backs, all the better for it.


Of course, if she wins, we’re all doomed. Can you imagine a universe run by the Tech Infantry? We had a taste of it after the 2nd Civil War. It was bad enough with their military dictatorship; what happens when they don’t bother with the Senate? If you think InSec is bad, wait until you meet their Internal Affairs. Who’s to say who’s better? We say it’s time to take them both down before they get too big.


Not-So-Righteous Army


Sure, we thought they were a joke; we all did. Now the Righteous Army is not funny anymore. Commander of the Faithful Andrew Tremont, better known to the outside worlds as “Bad Andy,” is a holy terror come to haunt the Fed. His “Christian Federation” is nothing more than a high priest trying to run the whole show. The scary thing is that he might just pull it off! Last week, Bad Andy makes his move on the Tarkin System, a worthless bunch of rocks that the Grand Council holds. They blast through there, send the modern equivalent of a fire ship at the small Fed picket, and blow it up! By the time the remnants of that squadron were operational again, his holy legions had taken over the small scientific colony there, and with it, the defense grid. Lord knows why the scientists hadn’t activated it before.


However, they did manage to do one thing right. They went to another pile of worthless rock, this time, the Hrothgar System, and blew that Enoch fleet back to the hell they came from! Rumors were they captured a lot of ships, since they caught them off guard, but no one knows for certain. The Righteous Navy is less equipped than even our fleet, so any amount of old ex-Fed frigates might help them out. However that only leaves Enoch with the Valkriye System, and frankly, they’re welcome to it. Still, if I had to choose, I’d rather have the leeches over those holy rollers any day of the week!


Living On The Edge


Our brothers and sisters in the Frontier Worlds Territory, the only people with any balls to break away from the Federation before now, are in the middle of some serious shit now. After letting everyone and their mother pass through their borders, they’re losing ground against the only force they are fighting. To be fair to our comrades, they couldn’t stop the Jurvain and the K’Nes if they wanted to. The Armada and the Colonial Marines are busy saving the rest of humanity from the Bugs! Word is that Exnium was finally evacuated a couple days ago. Sculla can’t be too far behind. With their economy wrecked and their manpower weakened, no one knows how long they can continue to fight the war that the Federation had supposedly won!


Then there are weirder stories coming out of the FWT. Stories about an “underground railroad” of supplies being sent to them via sympathizers in the Fed. Supposedly they’re solidifying a sanctuary for Salubri on Sarma (say that three times fast)? Or what about injecting awakened mages with Bug chemicals to make them tougher in combat? Better still, what about the stalled K’Nes invasion? What’s delaying their fleet in Midgar from chopping up Auntie Sarah’s New Tokyo?


The truth is, no one knows what’s happening on the Rim. As long as we keep fighting this stupid civil war, we might never know. If the Bugs break out, it may be too late. However, we hope that our comrades on the frontier can hold out and break the Bugs’ back!


We’re glad you got a chance to read this, because the TRUTH is important.


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