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Avalon Times-World March 2nd, 2243

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         Mother Earth Betrayed!

         Desperation at St. Michael's Star

         Rebels Hold Dagger to the Federation

         "Bad Andy" Continues Rampage



         The New Barbarians at the Gate



         Exeter "Combat Drug" Scandal Continues



         Plague Watch: The Lesson of Alpha Centauri


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Mother Earth Betrayed!


DEIMOS – As the last emplacements of the Tech Infantry Training Center here on Deimos is being dismantled and ready to take through the digital gate, many citizens are wondering what has led to the loss of the Terran system to the scum of humanity, the self-styled "Resistance."

In a interview with Admiral Kristen Vorheis, CNC, Earth Fleet, she explained what had happened to cause the loss of the Terran system. "The fortifications that we had on the moon and orbital stations around Earth proper were manned by elements of the 8th Tech Infantry Legion. When Dunmeyer made her traitorous move against the rightful government, many of those manning the outposts left their postings, and joined up with her. This allowed the Resistance to seize those same fortifications and turn them against incoming ships. After Vitek and his band of criminals had managed to capture the EFS Destiny and Repulse, they proceeded to seize several freighters, and use them to their advantage. With the rebels forcing us to spread our resources, we had no choice to abandon our Martian bases, and cede the system to the Resistance."

However, Marko Vitek has not stopped with just one system. Their vicious tyranny has spread, seizing the defenseless frontier worlds of Wolf and Elysia. Even now, though, brave remnants of the Light Infantry continue to battle them, to restore those systems back to the Earth Federation.


Desperation at St. Michael's Star


WITH THE 2ND FLEET  While we are plagued by traitors from within, the enemies of the Federation make their move to destroy us from the outside. A few days ago, the Eastern Bloc joined the conspiracy of foreign governments, determined to destroy our blissful union. Declaring war against Earth, they immediately moved their fleet across the border, seizing the systems of Port Arthur and Hadley. Since the rebels currently hold the critical western systems of Epsilon and Jennifer's Star, we are helpless to combat this new threat. It is doubtful that Dunmeyer's forces will try and stop the Asian horde, since secretly, the Tech Infantry has allied itself with this storm of darkness.

This dark time for our nation started with the Kingdom of Enoch, the ancient bed of saboteurs and evil, launched its attacks across the border, seizing the Hrothgar system two months ago. Although insignificant in strategic or economic value, it did allow them to cover their home systems, while they plunged into Valkriye, overwhelming its brave defenders with wave after wave of antique starships.

The Frontier Worlds Territory, our former brothers, although have not declared war against us, has done nothing to stop their evil neighbors from using their systems as launching points for the K'Nes Tor and the Jurvain Commonality as they move to seize our border colonies. Midgar fell first to those despicable cats, the K'Nes, after destroying the orbital station, and bombarding the inhabited planet until they surrendered. Once again, Auntie Sarah holds her fleet far from the next system in danger, New Tokyo, in order to allow her dark allies to penetrate further into the Federation.

Meanwhile, the only thing opposing the darkness is the Second Fleet, currently stationed in St. Michael's Star, as the Jurvain 2nd and 4th Fleets seized Ashdown and Deseret. They currently guard the galactic southern approaches into our homes, knocking out probing actions by the skinnies, and preventing them from seizing any more of our precious space.


Rebels Hold Dagger to the Federation


NEW PARIS – "Aunt" Sarah Dunmeyer, former Marshal of the Federation Armed Forces, continues her traitorous rebellion against the Federation, despite the invasion of several nations against the cradle of humanity. Her main fleet is here in Wilke's Star, but it carefully pinned between our heroic forces in Babylon and New Paris. Having established a lock on the central systems of Jennifer's Star, Wilke's Star, and New Tokyo, she resumes her acts of terror on mankind.

Last month, the systems of New Madrid and Hyperion, through the work of a fifth column, declared their allegiance to Auntie Sarah's cause. Luckily, they are trapped between the loyal systems of Minos and New Paris. Grand Council Chairman Abdul Johnson swears that "I will restore those systems to the law and order that all citizens enjoy." A major operation is expected soon to liberate them, breaking the will of the rebels, and hopefully bringing an end to this costly war.

Meanwhile, apart from Dunmeyer's willingness to fight our loyal forces, as noticed in her spectacular failure at Phoenix, she has done nothing to oppose the Eastern Bloc or the K'Nes Tor from invading our border systems. It is without a doubt that she means to betray us to the enemies of the Federation, in order to achieve her own selfish gain, whatever that may be. Meanwhile, with our forces divided, it becomes more difficult for us to defend ourselves against the true threat.


"Bad Andy" Continues Rampage


PHOENIX – Andrew Tremont, self-styled Commander of the Faithful of his "Righteous Army," continues his insane conquests of the northern border worlds. Unchecked, this madman, known to the outside world as "Bad Andy," has managed to seize the peaceful world of Beowulf, adding to Arnheim and San Angeles, the vicious stain of his empire. His "Christian Federation" continues forward, Tremont using his mindless followers to "reclaim the galaxy for Christ." Although all reports mention an almost non-existant fleet, his ground troops work with incredible efficiency. Many atrocities have been accredited to this man, who to his own believers, almost revere him as a God.

However, Federation authorities are confident that Bad Andy can be stopped. Colonel Rashid King, commander of Internal Security, stated that "without a fleet to move his troops, his ‘Righteous Army' won't be going anywhere. Sure, they've seized some minor systems, but now the 4th Fleet at Phoenix, and the core system of Proxima, flank him. We can destroy them at will."


New Barbarians at the Gate


BOYNE – Do you think the Bug War was over? Think again. Far beyond the outer systems, the Colonial Marines, the military arm of the Frontier Worlds Territory, fights an on-going war with our oldest enemies, the Bugs. In what is called the Arachnid War Zone, the four systems of Boyne, Sculla, Exnium, and On-Bay are currently swarming with bugs.

In the great expansion onto the former Horadrim worlds that occurred after the 1st Civil War and the bugs were virtually eliminated, settlers went far beyond the limits of known space, and settled on the far southern reaches. Many of the systems were named after former Roman emperors, such as Augustus, Diocletian, and Hadrian. However, when the 2nd Civil War hit, these far reaching colonies split off from the Federation, creating the Frontier Worlds Territory.

Soon after, the impossible happened. The Bugs, believed to be dead, but in actuality had been hiding out on more distant systems, began to swarm over the outer colonies. Within a year, most of the settlers on the "Roman" systems were either evacuated or eviscerated. Even the Chapman system, founded by the Eastern Bloc, was hit. However, unlike the others, the Bloc has never had another bug attack.

Now the FWT and the Jurvain fight a ongoing battle against the Bugs in the Zone, desperately holding onto these few infested systems, desperately trying to repel these invaders, before the manage to destroy them.


Exeter "Combat Drug" Scandal Continues


AVALON – The Galactic Soccer Association continues its investigation to the allegations that the Exeter Eagles, winners of this year's EF Cup, had been taking a mutated strain of the known combat drug FTS. The report comes from their former team manager, Vic Romine, stating that he was fired for refusing to administer the drug after several players began showing side effects.

The Eagles' owner, Reginald Williamson, says the entire story is "preposterous," and denies the allegation completely. "The GSA's drug testing program is one of the best in professional sports. You would have to be a fool to believe that anyone could fake that." Romine states that he assisted in fooling the drug sensors, insisting on good portions of hornbuck leaf with their team meals, known for its alkaline effects. When that wasn't enough, Vic reported switching blood samples, and at one point, scrambling the testing computer.

In light of this investigation, several Exeter players have taken personal leaves of absence, stating "medical difficulties." An unconfirmed report states that Rick Mayall, star forward for the Eagles, is currently in a mental hospital for veterans, recovering from his lack of the combat drug.

This scandal comes at a bad time for professional soccer, right after last year's "false season," when Real New Madrid decided to skip actual play and bought the championship for 1.3 billion credits (the equivalent of the marketing rights). It is wondered if the GSA will still get its strong following of fanatic fans after two seasons marked with shame.


Plague Watch: The Lesson of Alpha Centauri


AVALON – With uncertain political and economiic conditions coming up, one needs to be make sure to be regularly registered with the Disease Control Board, in order to ensure proper inoculations against plague outbreaks. The Federation's DCB is responsible for monitoring virulent diseases and providing quarantine assistance as well as plague prevention. The Surgeon-General of the Federation has released a report, recommending to the Grand Council mandatory registration. The measure is expected to pass.

Why register? Alpha Centauri is a perfect example of what can go wrong without centralized management of a health crisis. When the Sakras Plague hit that system in 2227, the DCB didn't exist, and there was no genetic registering of citizens. Without that information, scientists weren't able to discover the cause of the disease, and the Plague ripped through that system's population like wildfire. Quarantines were attempted but repeated broken. If it weren't for the intervention of the Earth Fleet blockading the system, humanity itself may have been wiped out. Instead, those Centaurians who didn't escape, died.

So please, support the DCB, and get you and your family registered today!


News in Brief


Player Ranks – Designating which characters have the highest in any given statistic.


Warfare: Frank D'Antuono (Master Sergeant Alastar Dimiye)

Magic: Chris Yarwood (Andrea Treschi)

Social: Frank D'Antuono (Master Sergeant Alastar Dimiye)

Intelligence: Ed Stasheff (Lt. Cmdr. Xinjao O'Reilly)

Merits and Bonuses: Andy Wooden (Hex)


Important Dates – The deadline for turning in player orders is Thursday morning, July 13th, at 8 am. Remember, no orders or late orders without a legitimate excuse will lead to character dismemberment, possibly death.


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