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The Middle Kingdom's Newsfax of Record

“All the news that’s fit to transmit!” – Approved by Imperial Security

November 8th, 2271 – Vol. 246, No. 65 –International Daily C0.50


Prince Rao Crowned Emperor


WILKE’S STAR (ICN) – Yesterday, after a month of mourning for the passing of our beloved Emperor Chiang I, Prince Rao was crowed Emperor of Heaven and Earth at the Center of All Things.  His Left and Right Ministers placed the Imperial Crown on his head to the cheers of tens of thousands of spectators, in a ceremony broadcast to billions more.

        “I can only hope to rival the glory of my father,” the new Emperor said, “whose glorious reign oversaw victory in the 3rd Civil War, the Vin Shriak Invasion, the Bloc Alliance Wars, and the founding of the Middle Kingdom.”

        “Under my reign, the Middle Kingdom will witness the destruction of our enemies, the prosperity of our subjects, and the expansion of our empire,” the Emperor said, in an apparent reference to the controversial proposal to colonize the former Vin Shriak planets.  “May the Jae-Young Dynasty last a thousand years!” proclaimed Emperor Rao to his cheering subjects, “May we never loose the Mandate of Heaven!”



Chapman’s Footage Deemed Forgery


SINKIANG (MKN) – Imperial Security released today that the so-call “freedom footage” depicting the destruction of the Chapman’s Folly at the hands of the Imperial Navy has been analyzed and pronounced a forgery.

        “This is footage is a blatant – and rather amateurish – piece of anti-Imperial propaganda,” said Minister of Security Jai Nalwa at the press conference.  “A full investigation will be conducted on the Chapman’s Folly incident, of course,” Nalwa promised, “However, the full details of what exactly happened won’t be known until we have conducted extensive examinations of the ship’s sensor logs, interviews with the crew, and forensic analysis of the planetary debris.  Early findings, however, indicate, that the Imperial Navy was not responsible for the planet’s destruction.”

        Citing reasons of public morale, Imperial Security has banned the footage from further media distribution.


Yakuza Suspected in Royal Assassination


NEW TOKYO (MKN) – The Senatorial Police today revealed that the death of Prince Tomo in an aircar accident last month, originally regarded as a tragic malfunction, was in fact a deliberate act of sabotage.  “Such a high-profile and complex assassination plot required a lot of coordination, resources, and manpower,” said agent Wong Su, the detective in charge of the investigation. “For that reason - and due to other evidence we can’t elaborate on - we believe there may be a link to organized crime in this assassination, possibly one of the Yakuza crime families.”

        Although Agent Wong Su would not comment on which family is under investigation, Middle Kingdom News has learned the New Tokyo Civil Police have dramatically increased vice raids and racketeering arrests in recent days.

        It is unclear if the assassination of Prince Tomo was a contract killing, or if the Yakuza were acting in their own interests.



Minister Claims Persecution


SAN ANGELES (NIM) - Christian Minister Graham Quentin lodged an official complaint with Kingdom authorities, claiming religious persecution by the Senatorial Police

        A tragic death occurred at Quentin’s revivalist meeting last month when a man was accidentally trampled by the crowd.  Quentin claims Civil Police charged him with Incitement to Riot in a blatant attempt to stifle his preaching.

        “There was no riot,” says Quentin, “just a tragic accident when God’s chosen people were overcome by the power of his holy word.”

        The Civil Police has denied all involvement.



Experience Is Not Everything


EARTH (UA) – Marcus Johnston today renounced his punk-ass bitchdom and appointed the players the following experience points:

Alex (Welthammer) – 5 pts. (Participation, Early Turn-In, Good Orders, Story, Personality)
Kivett (Weathers) - 4 pts. (Participation, Early Turn-In, Good Orders, Personality)
Ed (Cho) – 4 pts. (Participation, Good Orders, Story, Personality)
Andy (Kago) - 3 pts. (Participation, Early Turn-In, Good Orders)

Adjusted character sheets must be turned in with experience added before changes can be made.  Experience points can be saved up for a larger purchase in the future.

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