Newsletter 1 -- TI Season 8

The Middle Kingdom's Newsfax of Record

July 8th, 2271 – Vol. 245, No. 63 –International Daily C0.50


Emperor’s Health Failing


WILKE’S STAR (ICN) – The Imperial Physician, Dr. Won-Sik Cho, finally admitted at a press conference today that His Imperial Majesty’s health has not improved from his bout of Virus Strain Three that he experienced back in March. Although his condition is serious, His Majesty’s life is not immediately in danger, as Crown Prince Rao has not been made regent. Apparently His Majesty is still able to perform the duties of the state, although he is currently bedridden, and only appears before the Imperial Court once daily in a specially designed bed.


Dr. Cho was allowed to comment saying, “There is absolutely no indication that the mechanisms of state will continue as always.” The heir-apparent’s secretary stated it clearer by saying, “Our glorious empire will always thrive; the weight of history is behind us.”


Raids Along the Southern Frontier


CHARBYDIS (WRPC) – Reports have been filtering down, since the Ashdown Rebellion was crushed back in May, that elements of the rebel fleet were able to escape. These ships have continued to plague commerce through the southern frontier through the Frontier Worlds and the New Colonies. The implementation of convoys through this troubled space has not stopped the attacks. Admiral Take of the 4th Fleet has told us that he has dispatched the 7th Imperial Cruiser Squadron to “personally hunt down these pirates once and for all.” The commander of this squadron, Vice-Admiral Poudyal, held a conference when he reached Charbydis System, where he stated “that once we close the noose around these brigands, it won’t be long before they’re eliminated.”



“Special Emergency” in New Madrid


NEW MADRID (MKN) – Admiral Lord Sir Jin-Bin Im, Duke New Madrid and governor of the same, sent out an system-wide edict throughout the system, going into effect at 0600 local time, declaring martial law. According to the transmission, the governor had been noticing the increasing level of terrorist activity against Imperial facilities and officers. This comprised, in his eyes, as a special emergency to peace and tranquility, and acted accordingly. At the behest of Imperial Security, the edict was put into place. This martial law will only remain in place for one week, in compliance with the Systems Limitation Act of 2264, unless His Majesty wishes to extend the deadline.


Four Christians Killed in Riots


SAN ANGELES (NIM) -  Clashes between Jewish authorities and the Christian minority left four dead after the New Israeli Militia opened fire when the fundamentalists decided to march on a synagogue which had been built on the ruins of a Orthodox Baptist church. Although warnings to the officers to use only non-lethal ammo were issued, “shots were fired” from the supposedly peaceful marchers and two officers decided to open fire with live ammunition. The commandant of the Watts District apologized for the incident, but defiantly stated that “until these fundies learn that there will never be another Christian Federation, these incidents will continue.


Experience Favors the Bold


EARTH (UA) – Continued attempts by the players to maneuver their characters through the twists and turns of the TI universe have not gone unnoticed. In fact, after the first episode, the following points are awarded:


Martin (Hicks) – 4 pts. (Participation, Good Orders, Story, Personality)

Ed (Cho) – 4 pts. (Participation, Good Orders, Story, Personality)

Alex (James W.) – 5 pts. (Participation, Early Turn-In, Good Orders, Story, Personality)

Paul (Sharif) – 5 pts. (Participation, Early Turn-In, Good Orders, Story, Personality)

Colin (Chan Lee) – 5 pts. (Participation, Early Turn-In, Good Orders, Story, Personality)


Adjusted character sheets must be turned in with experience added before changes can be made. If you wish to hold onto them, be my guest.

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Text Copyright (C) 2004 by Marcus Johnston.  All Rights Reserved.  Do not try ANY of this at home, even if those fundie rioters were really asking for it.