How the TI 4.3 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part VII
Trapped in a Victorian Novel


The Situation: What would the characters do if they were characters in a Victorian novel?


Tech Infantry Trooper (retired) Miro Creed (Bax)
Miro would be a dark, brooding nobleman who spends all his time in his castle on a lonely hilltop, occasionally venturing forth to do battle with the ghosts who haunt the moors.


Earth Fleet Commodore Erich Von Shrakenberg (Martin)
Erich would be the dashing, handsome Naval Captain who all the girls swoon over, but his life, his love, and his lady is the sea, so he ignores all their advances and sets sail, where he dies fighting under Admiral Nelson.


Tech Infantry Captain Andrea Treschi (Chris)
Treschi is the suave, manipulative petty nobleman who marries the incredibly beautiful heroine for her money, then ignores her.  When she has the inevitable affair with Hex, he kills them both to keep their shame from hurting his chances to be named a Duke.


"Kiddo" Hex (Andy Wooden)
Hex is the handsome, tormented young soldier who has an affair with Treschi's wife.


Tech Infantry Lt. Malachi Spyder (Josh)
Spyder is the good-hearted but poor merchant who none of the well-bred honeys want to sleep with.  He finally makes enough money to be an acceptable husband for a petty-nobility girl with a harelip and no fortune to go with her title.


Tech Infantry Major Alistar Dimiye (Frank)
Alistar Dimiye gets mixed up with the Irish Rebels, and has a torrid affair with a hot-blooded red-headed Irish resistance fighter, who gets tragically killed.


InSec Covert Operative Xavier Pollos (Matt)
Xavier uses his family's heirloom sword to slay the vampire that has been bugging Miro ever since Miro moved into the castle.


Earth Fleet Commander Xinjao O'Reilly (Ed)
O'Reilly invents the Spinning Jenny, and while this makes him a pile of cash big enough you could use it to insulate any dozen drafty old castles, no sweet upper-class girls will breed with him because he's common-born.


Internal Security Operative Damien Richter (Andy Baumann)
Damien is the stiff-necked but noble Scots Guard who the Princess Royale tries to have an affair with, but he is so stiff he doesn't notice when she slips him a love note.


Free Citizen Justine Macoure (Lloyd)
Justine is killed by Jack the Ripper.


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