How the TI 4.3 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part V
Halloween Night


The Situation: It's Halloween night.  How do the characters spend the evening?


Tech Infantry Trooper (retired) Miro Creed (Bax)
Miro goes out dressed as a giant squid, using his Horadrim Soul Web powers to turn his arms and legs into tentacles.  Then he runs around beating up little kids and stealing their candy.


Earth Fleet Commodore Erich Von Shrakenberg (Martin)
Erich is 44, far too old to go out trick-or-treating.  So he stays at home instead, giving out traditional German marzipan candies to all the little children.  The candies are wrapped in Earth Fleet recruiting forms, of course, and he gives out extra candy to anyone dressed as a soldier or fleet officer.


Tech Infantry Captain Andrea Treschi (Chris)
Treschi stays at home, giving out candy stuffed full of cyanide, used syringes, and razor blades.


"Kiddo" Hex (Andy Wooden)
Hex goes dressed as a ninja so he actually has an excuse to carry his katana sword.  He still gets beat up by Miro Creed, who steals all his candy.


Tech Infantry Lt. Malachi Spyder (Josh)
Spyder keeps changing his mind as to what costume he wants to wear.  He ends up going as several different things, so he can visit each house more than once and get extra candy.  Miro Creed beats him up and steals all the extra candy.


Tech Infantry Major Alistar Dimiye (Frank)
Dimiye, of course, goes trick-or-treating as a skeleton in his Dead Boy uniform.  After getting a mighty haul of candy, he goes out armed with eggs, toilet paper, and shaving cream, and vandalizes the house of Auntie Sarah.


InSec Covert Operative Xavier Pollos (formerly LI Captain Mark Smith) (Matt)
Xavier wears a He-Man costume, so he has an excuse to carry around a glowing magic sword and shout "By the Power of Grayskull!" every thirty seconds.


Earth Fleet Commander Xinjao O'Reilly (Ed)
Xinjao now lives in the Christian Federation, where Halloween is banned as a Satanic holiday.


Free Citizen Justine Macoure (deceased) (Lloyd)
Justine dresses as one of the cast members of Cats, so she has an excuse to bare her prehensile tail.


Internal Security Operative Damien Richter (Andy Baumann)
Damien's costume is Frankenstein's monster.  His trick-or-treating method is to go up to neighbors' houses and stand there and grunt until they give him candy.  He classifies kids dressed as Power Rangers as "possible threats".


InSec Commandant Herbert Gergenstein (NPC)
While trick-or-treating as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, he runs into Pollos and slams him against a wall shouting, "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME!"  Then he gets beaten up by Miro Creed and his candy stolen.


Earth Federation Marshal Rashid King (NPC)
King dresses as a Maasai Warrior, then beats up Miro Creed and steals all his candy.


Earth Federation Grand Council Chairman Abdul Johnson (NPC)
The Chairman is too old to go out trick-or-treating, and so stays home handing out massive amounts of candy (and voter registration cards) to all the little children who come to his house.


Emergency Council Chairperson Marshal Sarah Dunmeyer (NPC)
Auntie Sarah is too old to go out partying, and so stays at home, kidnapping little children who come trick-or-treating and injecting them with chemicals to make them into super-soldiers.


Tech Infantry Colonel Arthur Clarke (deceased) (NPC) used as a Halloween decoration at a haunted house run by Andrea Treschi.


Tech Infantry Marshal (Retired) Lwan Eddington (NPC)
Lwan promises to show up at Treschi's party, but disappears at the last minute and is never heard from again.


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