How the TI 8 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part I
Thanksgiving Dinner


The Situation: It's Thanksgiving.  How do the characters spend the holiday?


ASCENSION goes turkey hunting, but the turkeys catch wind of her plans and ambush her instead.


RYOKO's table is also bare because all her turkey bodyguards died protecting her from Elmer Fudd.


SCOUT refuses to carve the turkey because it's "unworthy of his blade."


THOMAS turns the turkey into a ghoul and sics it on Duke Griswold.


VIKTOR's dinner table is empty because he hunts turkeys with mass drivers.


THE EMPEROR throws a feast for all the high nobles of the Court, but makes everyone uncomfortable by constantly telling stories of Old Earth aristocrats who were murdered by poisoning.


ANDREW TREMONT spends more time on the pre-dinner prayer than on eating Turkey with all the trimmings.


HERBERT GERGENSTEIN has some Progenitors magi make him a real Cockenthrice to one-up David Tibbetts' famous Turducken.


MORDRED diablerizes a vampire whose mortal life was as someone from Turkey.


AARON ROQUEFORT and JAMES WELTHAMMER share cold canned turkey and reconstituted mashed potatoes they looted from an Imperial freighter's crew mess kitchen.


LWAN EDDINGTON turns a rock into a live turkey, then kills, cleans, cooks, and eats it himself, sharing the leftovers with the homeless in a slum on Minos.


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