How the TI 9.1 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part II
Easter Sunday


The Situation: It's Easter Sunday.  How do the characters spend the holiday?


ASCENSION tells the Jurvain that the K'Nes stole all their Easter Eggs, but tells the K'Nes that the Fearless Jackals stole them instead.


RYOKO is relentlessly hunted by House Tremont for stumbling across a hidden Easter Egg that no one was supposed to find.


SCOUT, after hearing the story of Christ's Resurrection, assumes that Jesus must be a Caal and sets off to find and destroy him.


THOMAS hunts down the Easter Bunny in hopes of adding a bottle of were-rabbit to his wine collection.


VIKTOR sentences the Easter Bunny to execution for 2,275 years of annual breaking & entering and carrot theft, then blows him out an airlock.


LORPY nails the 9.1 Miniseries manuscript to a cross and buries it in a cave in the hopes that it, too, will rise from the dead.


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