How the TI 9 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part III
Christmas Eve


The Situation: It's Christmas Eve.  How do the characters spend the holiday?


ARGUS, as a devout Catholic, attends Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve - no matter how many Cult of the Emperor protestors surrounding the church he has to gun down to get through the doors.


BISHOP discovers that the Sabbat throw the wildest, craziest office Christmas parties ever.  The festivities include fleshpaper decorations, women in skin-tight latex elf costumes, some guy in a Santa suit hanging by fishhooks in the fireplace, and huge bowl of dark red "punch" that Bishop, as a werewolf, is not allowed to drink from.  That's okay, though, because the buffet has plenty of sandwiches.


HETH takes advantage of the human tradition of the month-long materialistic shopping frenzy between Black Friday and Christmas Eve to make huge fourth-quarter profits for Miao Mercantile.  Of course, all he wants for Christmas is a jumpgate.


IZZI throws a huge Christmas festival on Sylvania on Christmas Eve - but skips the party on Christmas Day for obviously reasons.


SCYR crashes Vin Dane's Christmas party, but at least gives all the guests Christmas Crackers (the quarter-megaton variety).


TAKA's relatives all spend their entire Christmas bonuses buying gifts for every member of their huge extended family - except Taka's mom, sister, and grandfather, of course, whom the Denim Man holds hostage until he gets a Christmas present from the Yasuyama clan.


EMPEROR VIN DANE, exhausted after a multi-hour Danemas celebration with his followers, opens his gifts to find that he has received:

HERBERT GERGENSTEIN is caught sneaking down Chairman Smythe's chimney with a bag full of "toys."  Upon realizing it's Christmas Eve, he's able to think fast and pass the whole thing off as a holiday prank.


FREAK is too busy watching and re-watching footage of the Imperial Palace exploding (and writing Scyr fan mail) to even notice that it's Christmas.


ANDREA TRESCHI sees you when you're sleeping, knows when you're awake, knows if you've been bad or good... so send one million credits in small unmarked bills to the following address, or you WILL end up on his Naughty List.


MICHELLE FISHER is initially enthusiastic about helping the Grinch steal all the toys from children with a more fortunate upbringing than hers, but has second thoughts at the last possible second, with tragic consequences.


VANESSA uses Santa's "Naughty List" as a checklist of things to do over the holiday weekend.


XINJAO O'REILLY, in good Jewish tradition, takes the family out to a Chinese Restaurant - but only gets a half-order of everything.


ERICH VON SHRAKENBURG, assuming flying reindeer must be aliens, orders Earth Fleet to shoot down any and all NPS-15 Cargo & Combat Sleighs.


XAVIER POLLOS accepts a contract from a mysterious mini-lop rabbit to assassinate Santa Claus.


ZEBULON CARTER has given up Piracy for a full-time gig working in Santa's Workshop, reverse-engineering Horadrim technology to equip the Flying Reindeer with Soul Webs.


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