How the TI 9 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part II
Thanksgiving Dinner


The Situation: It's Thanksgiving.  How do the characters spend the holiday?


ARGUS returns from turkey hunting injured, but proudly bearing a bullet-riddled carcass that might have at one point been a turkey.  He then cooks it with plasma grenades.


BISHOP prepares dinner using a magic carving knife that can turn into anything from a meat cleaver to a potato peeler.  Despite this, his family is still disappointed when he serves them nothing but sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner.


HETH is obligated to invite the entire Miao clan to Thanksgiving dinner and goes bankrupt trying to prepare a meal big enough to feed everyone.  At least his nepeta stuffing is a big hit.


IZZY is horribly embarrassed when Agent Five catches him sucking the blood out of the turkey giblets.


TAKA's family, observing the dying wishes of their late great-grandfather, recite a death poem for the turkey before eating it.


SCYR kills a turkey and wears its carcass as a disguise so he can sneak into Vin Dane's Thanksgiving dinner.


EMPEROR VIN DANE is obligated to endure a boring multi-hour ceremony where his followers ritualistically thank him over and over again.


JOSEPH SMYTHE does not enjoy Thanksgiving.  Now that his mom is back, she spends the entire meal lecturing him on how she could have cooked it better.


ANDREA TRESCHI, having killed his entire family long ago, invites the entire Executive Committee of the Terran Republic to Thanksgiving dinner instead.  They all attend, not necessarily because they want to, but because they're afraid of what will happen if they don't.


HERBERT GERGENSTEIN invites his entire family to Thanksgiving dinner, but then drugs them, ties them up, and tortures them until they reveal the secret to grandma's homemade stuffing.


ARTHUR CLARKE hunts, kills, and eats a turkey raw himself, all while still in tiger form.  Then he returns to human form, and has his raptors round up every single member of his extended family out to seventh cousin, and forces them at gunpoint to attend a massive Clarke Family Thanksgiving Dinner, during which they must view propaganda videos on the glorious history of the Federation.


ERICH VON SHRAKENBERG's clan returns to their family mansion on Avalon for dinner, including the annual ritual of asking of why any younger siblings in attendance haven't gotten themselves killed off yet in the service of the Federation.


"BALEFUL BILL" BALOGH Gives baleful looks to anyone who mentions how delicious the cooked bird was this year.  Goes home and eats fish, since that's what the Pilgrims had for the first thanksgiving anyways.


VEOLIN waits in cobra form, coiled up hidden inside a turkey, to spring out and assassinate her chosen victim in front of his entire extended family.


ADAM SELENE visits a junkyard to find an old Plymouth hood ornament to stick on his rock.


HAYTHORN ZHANT gives the turkey the choice of being cooked, or turning the oven on to cook another turkey.


A.C. EDDINGTON tends bar himself that night so his employees can have the day off to spend with their families.  Drinks a solitary toast of Wild Turkey at midnight to his father Lwan, wherever he is.


LWAN is disguised as the third drunk from the left at the bar.


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