How the TI 9 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part I
Halloween Night


The Situation: It's Halloween night.  How do the characters spend the evening?


ARGUS's trick-or-treating goes horribly wrong when, for unknown reasons, he picks a fight with every kid dressed up as a werewolf.


BISHOP dresses up as an unspeakable supernatural horror... but, since he's in Calaunt on Wilke's Star, no one notices.


HETH corners the market on Halloween candy bars and resells them to trick-or-treaters at a 30% markup.  His house later gets egged.


IZZY invites trick-or-treaters to explore his Ghost City and tells them to have fun, get a good scare, and ignore the screaming in the basement.  He knows something's gone wrong after noticing a dramatic increase in Corn Dog sales.


TAKA, after the Yasuyama's mansion is TP'ed by teenagers on Devil's Night, goes to war against Trick-Or-Treaters, captures the local Haunted House, and declares it for Santa Claus.


SCYR casues people to run away screaming in terror.  For everyone else, it's Halloween.  For Scyr, it's a Thursday.


EMPEROR VIN DANE isn't happy that all these people in silly costumes keep expecting him to give them candy.  But he dares not refuse to give them candy, lest they TP his house.


JOSEPH SMYTHE plants a rumor that all of his neighbors are either registered child molesters or bought nothing but Candy Corn, so all the Trick-or-Treaters come to his house exclusively, where he hands out full-sized Snickers bars... laced with nanobots that will make their heads explode if they try to secede from the Federation.


ANDREA TRESCHI reads the minds of everyone who comes to his door, and later forces them to do his bidding by threatening to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets.


ERICH VON SHRAKENBERG launches a cee-fractional strike on anyone dressed as an alien.


"BALEFUL BILL" BALOGH gives out kippered herring snacks instead of candy, then wonders why everyone TP's his house... but doesn't mind, because it reminds him of snow and his Antarctic roots.


MICHELLE FISHER gives out a whole different kind of "Gift" to everyone who comes to her door dressed as a werecreature.


VICTORIA SYLVEST dressed up as herself for Halloween, because no on else is awesome enough to deserve the honor.


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