How the TI 8 Characters Would React to a Given Situation
Part I
Thanksgiving Dinner


The Situation: It's Thanksgiving.  How do the characters spend the holiday?


ADAUCHI KAGO shows up for dinner, stays a few minutes, then disappears and is never heard from again.  Fortunately, no one really misses him.


CHAN LEE's family Thanksgiving dinner takes an unexpected turn when his brother betrays him to Imperial Security.


CHO YAMAZAKI overdoses and passes out after eating an entire turkey filled with marijuana stuffing and basted with LSD.


DAVID WEATHERS broadcasts a manifesto urging all turkeys to rise up against the supermarkets and overthrow Thanksgiving.


JAMES WELTHAMMER thought he was going to make a tidy profit smuggling a shipment of turkeys in to poor families, tariff-free.  He is less than pleased when Imperial Security arrests him because the turkeys had all been stuffed with plasma grenades intended for the Resistance.


ICARUS HICKS carves the turkey with surgical precision, but sabotages the candle centerpiece so it burns down the building after dinner, allowing him to fake his own death and go into hiding.


PABLO LOSADA can't figure out why his boss keeps giving him dirty looks after he discovered and disabled the booby-trapped table settings.  He's thinking of reporting the bomb to the police, even though Dr. Hicks said not to worry about it.


SHARIF ADAMS says "You're Welcome" a lot.


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