The Top Ten Dead Characters I Miss the Most

This is a list of interesting and unique characters from TI Season 4.3 who had great potential to be cool heroes, great villains, or awesome sidekicks (or who were just plain cool).  Sadly, they were all killed, preventing them from returning and cutting short their chances to really shine.


10. Corporal Tess – Hot strawberry-blonde ex-teenage models with attitude and guns are always fun to have around.  Got blown in half at the Battle of Hadley.  Cameos in nightmare sequences as a corpse just aren't the same.


9. Alex Grey – The clever old ex-TI security chief for Gun Metal Gray proved himself to be sharp and wise, and made a good counterpart for Miro Creed.  All sorts of cool potential as a sidekick or ally.  Sadly, got zarced by Priscilla Savant's abductors... we never did figure out who they were.


8. Steve Jupedus – Decent character who got REALLY interesting when he switched sides and joined InSec.  His enormous potential as a recurring nemesis who knew his enemy all too well in the Pollos storyline was eliminated when he got cocky, took Pollos head on, and was cut down.  (If it has stats, we can kill it.)


7. George Maxwell – As far as the power brokers go, he was pretty cool—controlled, powerful, and crafty.  Displayed a sense of "honor among thieves".  Didn't fear Treschi—that's badass points right there.  Played a dangerous game and lost his head... we think.  Too bad—one less person keeping tabs on Treschi.


6. Csilla Arelius – In this dark universe, a charismatic, optimistic revolutionary is refreshing—especially when they're a capable leader and commando.  The brother-sister team was cool and unique.  It would have been a lot of fun to see him and his sister pop up now and again, surrounded by flames and revolutionary rhetoric.  Like many revolutionaries, however, he was betrayed by his own men and got gunned down by the Soldiers of the Lord.


5. Peter Benjamin – His death was sad mainly because he'd survived too much to die in an artillery bombardment.  The enthusiastic armor jock with the Big Fucking Gun is a fun character, and every war story needs a few grunts.  Made a great sidekick for Dimiye... but we all knew that meant he was doomed.


4. Uncle Karl – An Admiral with combat experience?  What a concept!  An honor-bound old space-dog saddened by the cause he fights for, but who fights his hardest anyway.  Great character.  Had the grandfather appeal.  He was a solid, predictable ally, and we didn't have too many good guys to begin with.  Betrayed by the government he fought for, his wisdom and expertise squandered, he went down with his ship.  I guess a good death scene can help atone for the loss of a good character.


3. Rashid King – Sure, we're all glad he's dead, but what a villain!  We loved to hate him.  I'll take a sophisticated, clever, omnipotent villain over a psychopathic killer any day.  Gergenstein rocks, but he just can't compare—especially when he could be ousted any minute.


2. Miro Creed – He may not be dead, but he sure ain't coming back. Unbelievably Powerful Ultimate Badass repeatedly gets ass kicked by Even More Unbelievably Powerful Ultimate Badasses, all while trying to rescue the incredibly hot Damsel in Distress.  Classic fairy tale... er, sci-fi.  It was always fun to watch him think his way out of traps and escape the jaws of death.  More importantly, though, I miss the ending to his complex storyline, which was cut short right we it was getting really good.  What happened to Priscilla Savant?  The world may never know...


1. Alistar Dimiye – Okay, you all had to see this coming.  Ultimate badass wracked with inner torment is a great character concept if done well, which it was.  Had the potential to continue kicking ass for years to come, and came complete with a celestial prophesy.  Came to a poetic end taking charge of his own destiny, charging thousands of enemy soldiers alone.  Can you think of a better way to go out?


And just in case you're wondering...

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