Medals and Honors

The history of Earth Fleet is one of valor, sacrifice, and courage above and beyond the call of duty.  To willingly take a ship into battle, knowing that just one hit from a nuclear-tipped torpedo can destroy even the largest warship, is one of the bravest acts possible in the history of warfare.  To risk dying alone in the black vacuum of space, to risk incineration in a plasma fireball, to ride down into the atmosphere of a hostile planet inside a flimsy plastic assault pod…these are the actions the brave men and women of Earth Fleet knowingly take every day.  And, unlike the Tech Infantry, all members of Earth Fleet are volunteers, people who willingly put their lives on the line because they value the Earth Federation and the Human Race above their own survival. 

Medals For Outstanding Courage

Grand Council Medal of Valor
Ceremonial Collar Ribbon
Standard Lapel Medal

The highest award for courage, this medal is presented only to those who display the very highest level of bravery, valor, and self-sacrifice.  It is only awarded by a special act of the Grand Council.

Von Eisenstein Cross
Ceremonial Collar Ribbon
Standard Lapel Medal

This medal is named for Bruce Von Eisenstein, who gave his life to halt the first Bug invasion of Rio de Janiero back in 2001.  It is given only to those who willingly give their own lives in exceptional circumstances.  The last Earth Fleet recipient was Vice Admiral Joachim Von Shrakenberg, who rammed the EFS Napoleon into a Bug Meteor in 2183, preventing them from destroying the planet Phoenix.

Earth Fleet Cross of Honor
The Cross of Honor

This award is given to reward valor on the field of battle that saves the lives of fellow Earth Fleet personnel or Earth Federation Civilians.  One famous recipient was Lwan Eddington, who organized the escape of several hundred cap troopers from H6 by repairing a crashed dropship to lift them from the bug-controlled surface. 

Earth Fleet Medal of Gallantry
The Medal of Gallantry

This medal is awarded to those who display conspicuous gallantry by saving the life of fellow Earth Fleet personnel.  This medal is also informally known as the "Orange Star". 

Red Star of Courage
The Red Star of Courage

The Red Star of Courage is presented to recognize conspicuous bravery under fire.  Gunners who stay at their post despite wounds, shuttle pilots who brave enemy fire to rescue trapped marines, and captains who use their ships to block enemy fire are all likely to receive this medal. 

Awards for Outstanding Service

Earth Fleet Commendation Medal
The Earth Fleet Commendation Medal

This medal is given to reward those who overcome the most difficult obstacles to perform their duties at a level of excellence that serves as an example to all who serve in Earth Fleet.  This is the highest award that can be given for non-combat-related activities. 

Earth Fleet Efficiency Medal
The Earth Fleet Efficiency Medal

This medal is presented to honor those who consistently perform their duties at the very highest level of efficiency and excellence.  This medal is often given to those who develop new technologies, techniques, or tactics that greatly enhance the fighting power of Earth Fleet. 

Medal of Long Service
The Medal of Long Service

This medal is given to all Earth Fleet Personnel who complete a term of 20 years of service and retire with full honors.  It is the second most commonly awarded medal in Earth Fleet.  Some personnel actually receive two of these, and Admiral Lance Tolwyn, the third Marshall of the Earth Federation, actually received three of them. 

Operation Earth Service Medal
Operation Earth Service Medal

This medal was automatically awarded to all Earth Fleet personnel who participated in the evacuation of the planet Earth in the wake of the Bug Meteor attack in 2198, or the ensuing rebuilding effort and the operations to reclaim our homeworld from the occupation by so-called "Resistance" terrorist forces.

Blood Star
The Blood Star

The Blood Star is automatically awarded to all personnel who are wounded or killed in the line of duty.  It is thus the single most commonly awarded medal in Earth Fleet.  Due to the nature of space combat, more than half of these awards are given posthumously. 

Chest Ribbons

Ribbons are worn on the right of the chest, above the nametag

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