Newsletter #5: Free Net Newscast - Headlines for June 3rd, 2265

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This is FNN, the Free Net Newscast for June 3rd, 2265.  First, the Headlines…

-- Eden falls to the Imperial Fleet.  The Terran Republic has evacuated Babylon, intending to make a stand as soon as their Navy can be consolidated to fight back.

-- Circe falls to the Bug invasion.  With uncommon speed and unnatural organization, they have already moved on to Deseret and Chalfont.

-- Meanwhile, the Jurvain have taken Sarma and Kalintos, but have countered the Bug attack on Chalfont with one of their own.

-- The Federation has taken St. Michael’s Star.  General Vandemaar surrendered to Chairman Smythe personally, after vast destruction was unleashed.

-- The Baron of Van Diemen, Chris Snyder, has been assassinated.  Popular opinion points to his Chief Minister, Jason Horner, as the lead suspect.

-- And Arnheim, San Angeles, and Beowulf have successfully revolted from the Federation, after thousands have died from street fighting and orbital bombardments.

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Our lead story this hour – a spokesman for the Imperial Fleet has reported that Eden has fallen to the Holy Terran Empire.  The Empress’ Own Squadron, led by Lord High Admiral Henri Lefarge, reports that their operation quote “couldn’t have gone better.”  He reports that Admiral Qing Mengyao, commander of the Terran Navy's 6th Fleet has continued to fall back, preferring to keep his fleet intact rather than risk its destruction by the larger force.

The conquest of Eden and the retreat of Qing into the Epsilon system have left Babylon defenseless.  Llora Vivas, Chairwoman of the Terran Republic has confirmed that the government has abandoned the system in favor of Jennifer’s Star.  She said in a recent press conference that quote “we are conserving our strength for the decisive battle.  As soon as the 7th Fleet has joined up with our forces, we’ll give the Emperor something to think about.”  Endquote.

Sources within the Executive Committee suggest that the 7th Fleet is mere fantasy, and if these ships materialize, they will pull forces off the Bug border, leading to certain suicide for the galactic southwest.


Circe has become the most recent victim of the Bug expansion.  Reports have indicated that Bug ships have already appeared in Deseret and Chalfont, but orbital defenses are holding, for the moment.  Chalfont has found help from an unusual source, in the form of the Jurvain battle fleet, which kills many conspiracy theories that believe the Jurvain have allied with the Bugs against the Federation.

However, this has only led more confidence in the belief behind a conscious control behind the Bug attacks.  Jurvain sensor logs, which have been smuggled out of the Exnium system, report that the Jurvain were fighting more and more concentrated Bug attacks during the strip mining of the system, until they suddenly stopped.  Even the prestigious Fox Institute for Alien Research admits that this is a major shift in what we previously understood of Bug behavior.


Because of the Bug Invasion, it seems that the Jurvain invasion has been stalled.  After the conquest of Sarma and Kalintos, they’ve turned their battle fleet against the Bug assault.  Also reports transmitted out of those border planets indicate a very limited ground presence in the system, but otherwise, have ignored the humans.  We will give you more information as it becomes revealed.


The Red Spring has claimed three more systems.  Arnheim, San Angeles, and Beowulf have successfully revolted from the Federation.  They have declared themselves as independent states until a plebiscite can be held to determine their future status.  These three systems are best known as being the heart of the Christian Federation under the command of Andrew Tremont.  The area has always been a little disruptive under Clarke’s administration, and the withdrawal of the large numbers of Light Infantry stationed to feed the Federation war machine created a perfect situation for revolt.

Of course, this success was only after thousands have died from street fighting.  The orbital bombardments were only stopped after the platforms ran out of ammunition.


And In sports news, the FedBall season is wrapping up with a flourish.  The Purrfang Cats faced the Jennifer’s Star Scyrs and lost, 8 to 10.  Heth managed to hold off the Scyrs offense many times during the match, but in the end, the Scyrs managed their patented “dimension shift”, and scored the winning goal.

The Rios Cyborgs managed to squeak past the Hadrian Vampires, 9 to 8.  Argus managed a high-flying kick some fifty meters off the ground to cee-fractional the ball into the goal for the win.

Finally, the Ashdown Werecats  slammed the New Tokyo Managers into the pitch, 9 to 6.  Bishop did an amazing job outmaneuvering the Managers’ “street fighters,” their notable free agents they picked up mid-season.  Unfortunately it did them no good, and now the Manager face relegation.


Meanwhile, the Vitek Medal for Excellence was given to Agent Five.  She accepted the medal at the ceremony in Jennifer’s Star, but refused to take the money award, because she would not reveal her true identity.  And that’s the FNN news for today…

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Unfortunately, it did them no good in the end, and the Mangers face rail... rel-a-ga-shun.  Rel-e-ga-tion.  REL-E-GA-TION!  ARRGH!!

Computer Voice: Are you certain you want to do this?

… Mangers face rele... eeruh!  (angry garbled noises)


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