Newsletter #4: Free Net Newscast - Headlines for May 13th, 2265

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This is FNN, the Free Net Newscast for May 13th, 2265. First, the Headlines…

-- Riots break out across former Ministry worlds. The “Red Spring,” as it’s been called, has been inspired by the successful revolution in New Tokyo.

-- The Wolf System has been retaken by the Imperial Fleet. Confirmed by independent sources, the Republic’s advance has been stopped by the Empire.

-- The Jurvain have declared war against the Earth Federation, striking Kalintos and Sarma with their fleet.

-- Circe reports Bug attacks. Reports suggest that there is a more clever intelligence behind these assaults.

-- Charbydis has fallen. Bugs have taken over the system; all inhabitants who could escape have fled, but the vast majority are feared to be lost.

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Our lead story this hour –since the assassination of Aisha Ramirez, the systems of the former Ministry of Public Safety have not integrated well into the new Earth Federation. Rumors that the Federation killed Ramirez rather than deal with her in the new Grand Council caused dissent among the people of the Ministry planets. However, formal protests were quickly repressed by Light Infantry forces throughout the Federation.

But the successful revolution in New Tokyo, in favor  of Vin Dane, the self-proclaimed Holy Terran Emperor, has inspired a host of imitators. Many have called it the Red Spring, in honor of the color chosen by the Cult of the Emperor, and Light Infantry forces are hard pressed to put down the vast number of riots occurring all over the former Ministry worlds. These problems have compounded ever since Chairman Smythe pulled many of those military forces to assist in the war against the Holy Terran Empire.


Legitimate sources within the Wolf System have confirmed that the Imperial Fleet have retaken the Wolf System. Although Fleet Command has been tight-lipped about why they launched a major operation against the Republic, high-placed sources within the Empire have indicated that they received recent intelligence that the Republican Fleet was not as strong as was previously indicated. The Fleet’s spokesperson has indicated that the Galactic Northwest will be cleared within the month.

The Republic’s Naval Secretary has denied these reports, blaming the story on enthusiastic propaganda.


In an action that echoes their involvement in the 3rd Civil War, the Jurvain have invaded the Earth Federation, striking at Kalintos and Sarma. Although previous secured by Federation from the Empire, Kalintos has been weakened by recent warfare. Communications coming out of Sarma suggest that the Jurvain have a secret weapon that shreds through the armor of their battlestations. Despite having intact defenses, reports suggest that Sarma could fall any day now.


Circe’s planetary defenses are holding against an aggressive Bug attack, coming out of the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. Due to increased fighting on the southern border, it seems unlikely that any assistance will come to the planet in time. Communications continue to be open with the besieged planet, which has led Commander Willem Palantonio—the planetary defense commander— to send raw sensor feed, hoping that any person or organization can make sense of the apparently organized attacks against their planet, and how to stop it.

Preliminary analysis by several reputable organizations has suggested that the Bug activity has adapted, changed from previous incursion attempts, and may indicate intrusive Queen leadership in the first wave. However, some more radical organizations, such as the Cyber Infantry Alliance, have indicated that this style is more indicative of human space combat, and suggests that these Bugs are not what they seem. The Fox Institute for Alien Research has denounced the CIA’s analysis as “conspiracy theory.”


And in sadder news, Charbydis has fallen to the Bugs. The last shuttles took off from the planet last night, in a desperate attempt to escape the ground assault. It is feared that the death toll from the ensuing conquest of the planet could run into the millions.

What was hoped was a single incursion has seemed to have turned into a new phase of the Bug War. To quote the new Imperial Minister without Portfolio, Count Fearghal Moon said, “At a time when humanity can ill afford another Bug assault, they sensed our weakness and struck. I can only hope that we will remember our true enemy in time.” The Federation reported that they will turn to the Bug threat as soon as their other military operations in that area have been finished.


And In sports news, the Jennifer’s Star Scyrs slammed down the Hadrian Vampires, 10 to 7. The Vampire’s star player was out for 15 minutes after a mild sprain, but managed to play in the later half of the match. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the visiting team to slam their goals all the way to Avalon.

The Ashdown Werecats managed to squeak past the Rios Cyborgs, 9 to 8. Bishop’s extra-time goal shot in the 91st Minute sealed the deal to progress on to a bid in the Sabbat Invitational.

Finally, the Purrfang Cats also edged out the New Tokyo Managers in a stunning finish, 8 to 7. Their captain, Heth, managed a pass to M’Rowr right past their goalie, Takamitsu, who had shifted out of position. This stopped the tie and won the game.


One last note. In the latest issue of Dictator Monthly, Andrea Treschi was named the Best Dressed Kingmaker, after being awarded the Vitek Medal for excellence. And that’s the FNN news for today. Stay tuned for our children’s programming, including the popular show, Sid the Science Experiment… next!

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