Newsletter #3: Free Net Newscast – Headlines for March 4th, 2265

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The Free Net Newscast this hour is brought to you by Cosmic Catnip, the First Varrless Bank of Purrfang, and by the Freeman Foundation of Avalon, Vail Ski Lodge, and the Insanely Expensive Beach Resort.  

This is FNN News for March 4th, 2265. First, the Headlines…

-- Aisha Ramirez is dead. The Chief Minister for the Ministry of Public Safety was killed by an assassination on a military base in the Midgar system. The assassins were caught soon after and an investigation has been launched as to any links to other factions.

-- This news does not delay the Ministry of Public Safety’s announcement that it will merge back with the Earth Federation.  Before her death, Ramirez signed the agreement, and approved it with her chief officials and leadership of the member worlds. Details are soon to be released, but representatives for the Ministry confirm that Joseph Smythe will be retained as Grand Council Chairman, and that the deputy ministers and key military officials will have places in the new Grand Council on New Madrid.

-- Meanwhile, the Earth Federation themselves have announced that they have reclaimed the Kalintos system. Vice-Admiral Gabriella Munoz has been commended for her brilliant campaign to outmaneuver the Holy Terran Empire’s occupation of the world. Count Fearghal Moon has vowed the Emperor will retaliate to save his subjects.

-- There are also unconfirmed reports that the Terran Republic has struck back at the Imperial Fleet in the Wolf system. We will inform you of further details when we receive them.

-- Riots continue in New Tokyo against the Ministry since the destruction of Sisko Hawke Barracks last week. They are said to be members of the Cult of the Emperor and look to join the Holy Terran Empire. Although the Light Infantry claim they have the situation under control, the leader of the rebellion, High Priest Robertson Sun-Yat says that they have received unprecedented support and will not rest until New Tokyo is free.

-- Charbydis is under attack by Bug forces. Count Ralman of House Khan has asked for any help available to save his planet. So far, the planetary defenses have managed to hold the Arachnid menace at bay, but they cannot hold forever.

-- And later in the program, a special report about Jurvain in the Exnium system. Strip-mining world to build their new war machine… but first, a word from our sponsor.

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