Newsletter #1: Imperial Fleet Broadcast – Headlines for January 15th, 2265

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(Imperial Fleet Broadcast Logo)


This is sent out as a general broadcast of the Imperial Fleet, serving His Holiness the Emperor Vine Dane.  Praise be upon Him who saves us from the Caal! 


This official announcement is sent out specifically to the so-called "Earth Federation" and its leader, Admiral Smythe.  He is considered a rebel against humanity, and should be killed on sight by all loyal citizens. 


This message is specifically heading out in regards to the Minos system, and his current invasion of the area.  You are ordered to withdraw your forces within forty-eight hours of this broadcast, or our forces will be sent out to destroy you. 


This is also giving a message to them to release their hold of the Kalintos system.  House Redick has decided to ally with us, and continues to pull the entire system's government in our support.  We are currently sending forces to intervene, especially as the so-called "Earth Federation" fails to protect them from the Jurvain Commonality as they are currently rampaging through their lands.


This message is also sent out to Kazimir Vitek, the leader of the Terran Republic, who has declared His Holiness the Emperor Vine Dane—praise be upon Him who saves us from the Caal!—and branded him as a traitor against all humanity. The Emperor would like to have it known that Vitek and his entire Executive Committee are also considered heretics and traitors, and should be shot on sight by loyal citizens.  We expect victory soon, and will turn our attention to the Terran Republic soon.


That is all.


(End Transmission)

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