With the Caal Invasion, the great Earth Federation collapsed, and everyone and everything is scrambling to fill the power vacuum.  Although Vin Dane did save the universe from the Caal, the fall of the Federation caused all the resistance movements that they suppressed to suddenly erupt.

Holy Terran Empire: Emperor Vin Dane (Horadrim)

Official Story: After the Battle of Avalon and the destruction of the Ares Battle Group (and most of the Home Fleet), Vin returned to the planet in triumph.  Thousands flooded to the capital city and worshipped Dane as a god.  The Grand Council had already ceded control to him, and with them, what was left of the Federation bureaucracy.  He formally dissolved the Earth Federation.  Although there was some talk of establishing a new democracy, the growing crowds demanded their god be given absolute authority.  In order to avoid further bloodshed, Vin took the crown and folded the bureaucracy into a new government.

Actual Story: Vin had no intention of relinquishing power.  With the Orb, he saw an opportunity to restore the Horadrim to prominence, and correct the atrocities of the Federation.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been as easy as he had hoped.  Although he has absolute power on Avalon, what's left of the Home Fleet is not enough to impose his will on the universe.  He had to bribe the other system governors to join his empire - creating a quasi-feudal system of houses, granting the governors absolute control of their systems, in exchange for any military equipment and units they possessed.

Earth Federation: Chairman Joseph Smythe (Human)

Official Story: When Vin Dane disbanded the Federation, not everyone obeyed.  Since the Zeus Battle Group was the largest fleet remaining in known space, Admiral Smythe realized he had a duty to restore the Federation.  From New Madrid, where they were stationed, he established a new Grand Council, with himself as Chairman.  Their goal is to restore the Federation to its citizens and kick out the pretenders.

Actual Story: The Earth Federation only exists because they refused to obey Clarke's orders.  Admiral Smythe leads this military dictatorship, but in that regard, it's not that different than the old Federation.  Smythe and his supporters support the status quo ante, because without it, they have no authority or resources.  They might not like how the old Federation was run, but are too afraid of what might replace it.

Bugs: The Queens (Bugs)

Although not really a government, they are probably just as powerful as the Empire and the Fed, but they don't have any internal divisions.  Their fleet is easily to destroy in space, but once on the ground, they are really difficult to defeat.  They breed like crazy and are incredibly difficult to uproot once planetside.

Jurvain Commonality: Pyek Haeun of Mungunwha (Jurvain)

Official Story: Having been repressed for years by humans, once the Fed fell, this alien race overthrew them with glee.  With their telepathic union, the commonality was restored instantly, seizing control on every planet they lived.  They want to live in peace, but fear their loss of independence without a fleet.

Actual Story: Although their government was destroyed, the commonality was not.  A telepathic government in exile was created in the minds of all Jurvain, with a pyek (emperor) and his court already established.  They went along with the Fed administration of their worlds, some infiltrating their bureaucracy and passing that info to the pyek.  So when the revolution happened, there was hardly any resistance.  They see an opportunity for expansion and a chance to finally put the humans in their place.

K'Nes Llan: First Patriarch Pirr Varrless

Official Story: Even though their government was overturned, life for the K'Nes merchants didn't change, even without their empire.  With the fall of the Fed, the five main trading houses unified and established a ruling council.  They have a fleet, but few numbers, and intend to create a new balance among the universe's races.

Actual Story: The Varrless clan got together with their trading partners and formed a new government before any of their smaller rivals could.  There are some small clan fights for dominance on worlds where the principal clan is unclear.  However, they realize their position is tenuous, at best.  As well as including any additional K'Nes clans that could be a threat to the new regime, they are just as concerned with external threats.  Their goal is to dominate all trading lanes, so they believe that one dominant government is the biggest obstacle for that.  So they will support any lesser faction in order to check a greater faction from threatening the balance.

Terran Republic: Treasurer Roimata Chen

Official Story: Without Clarke's strict enforcement, a loose alliance of resistance movements, including former Eastern Bloc and Resistance groups, came together to form a true democratic government for all humankind.  They have a lot of raw manpower and territory, but only a handful of ships, so they struggle to form a new order for the universe.

Actual Story: The "Republic" is actually closer to group of warlords.  Realizing their mutual weakness, they banded together for mutual protection.  Although they've established a provisional government, with a General Assembly (members of all factions, regardless of size) who elected an Executive Committee (the leaders of the largest factions), this arrangement is unwieldy for all the infighting and posturing that the members do.  Even the Executive Committee members are more interested in increasing their power base then building the Republic.  Only the treasurer actually handles the day-to-day operations of the Republic.  As a result, she's the unofficial leader.  Without consistent funds, there's not enough money to fund all resolutions, so she's able to pick and choose those operations that she wants to do.

Ministry of Public Safety: Chief Minister Aisha Ramirez

Official Story: When Chairman Clarke sent out the order for martial law, that responsibility fell on the Light Infantry commanders.  In those areas not in the direct path of the Caal Invasion, the Light Infantry were responsible for maintaining order.  With the abolition of the Federation, these systems feared the rise of an alien dominated empire.  The LI planetary commanders came together and formed the "Ministry of Public Safety," with the stated purpose of maintaining the rule of law until the Fed is restored.

Actual Story: Senator Ramirez saw the writing on the wall with the attack on Jennifer's Star.  She ran from Avalon back to her home on Phoenix.  Once the Caal was defeated, Aisha saw an opportunity, and used her contacts throughout the Light Infantry (she was a former LI officer) to create a new order.  After years of being the butt of jokes, the LI are determined not to be second-class to the Fleet and TI anymore.  They want a new Federation...  with non-magical humans on top for a change.

Vampires: Logrus de Mordechai (aka Mordred)

Official Story: After a supernova bomb destroyed the Enoch system, and a major expansion of the Crusader teams under Clarke, vampires have been scattered and leaderless for some time.  Although those that survive are more powerful, they are reluctant to expand their ranks for being revealed and destroyed.

Actual Story: Although the Kingdom of Enoch could have been eliminated easily through conventional means, Mordred whispered into the ears of Fleet admirals to wipe out Arikel, leaving him the last antediluvian standing.  With the War of Blood over, Mordred was slowly building a shadow empire, consolidating control of the illegal trade throughout the Federation.  The Caal Invasion and chaos that followed destroyed a good chunk of his network, but did not stop it completely.  He's now hoping for a more active role in the universe, seizing Wilke's Star through a puppet, hoping to use it as leverage into the new power structure.