Character Generation

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As a starting character, you have 30 points.  These are used to set your stats, buy powers, and get other bonuses.  However, these points are eaten up quite quickly.  To get stronger initially, you will need to take flaws.

First off, you have to put points into stats.  Of course, you can put no points into your stats and save your points for bonuses.  That gives you a character with the skill of a C-average high school student... who never went to college... who knows how to push back when pushed... who maybe had one date and she was as stupid and ugly as you... and you think magic only exists in cartoons.  Good luck. 

There are five primary stats in this game: Combat, Strategy, Magic, Social, and Intelligence.  These stats are on a scale between one and ten and represent your character's ability to interact with the story and the other players.  Depending on the situation, you would use either one or a combination of the following stats:


Racial Bonuses & Flaws

There are several types of races that your characters you can play.  You can choose to be a human, vampire, ghoul, magi, horadrim, k'nes, jurvain, werewolf, or a caal.  Each have their individual bonuses and disadvantages. 


Other Bonuses & Flaws

Beyond simple racial attributes, you can juice up your character any number of ways.  Just check with your storyteller for permission.  Here are a few examples.

But what if you need just a few more points to get that cool power ring that will go excellent with your character.  Too bad you blew it all on magic stats.  Well, you're in luck - with your storyteller's permission, you can take a flaw to give you a couple extra points.  For example:


Merits & Powers

There are also several special merits and powers that a player can then choose from.  These include military rank and authority, financial resources, ancient relics, or underworld contacts.

Political Influence: Through money, power, or other means, you have some influence on some major faction.  There are various levels of influence from the local to multiple systems.

Political Power: Either through power or money, you have made it into the big time, and actually possess political power.  This is much better than influence, however, this time, you have to do the dirty work.  With this power, you can lead your faction to victory, but be careful.  One false move and you could lose everything.

Military Ranking: Never beats to have a commission, doesn't matter which armed force you belong to.  Of course, commissions are so cheap these days; even imperial dogwalkers are captains.  x2 for an actual naval command (e.g., attached to a ship).

Military Unit Command: Need some help?  How about a company?  Or a battalion?  Or even a division?  Rank commission is included. 

Industry or Business: So you own an industry.  Great, a source of revenue!  Of course, there's always kickbacks to be made, regulations to deal with...  always more paper.  However, it's also good for information that might come your way. 

Resources: From stocks to raiding the treasury, it never hurts to have money.  Do what you want with it.  Spend it.  Invest it.  Burn it.  Whatever. 

Illegal Industry: There's always a market for narcotics and other uncontrolled substances that most (existing) governments still frown on.  Illegal ice (black market software) is always trouble.  Your product might not be technically illegal in one jurisdiction, legal in another, but there are tons of people who'll kill you for it. 

Starship Ownership: It is sure is nice to own your own set of wheels.  This is your basic starship ownership.  Starships are not cheap but they can be found.  Better if you ignore certain regulations.  All of these are planetary capable.  Triple cost if military armament. 

Personal Strike Group: For black ops, rescuing damsels in distress, or for simply saving your bacon.  Never hurts to have one of these...  but don't expect it to stand up to an army group of equal size, unless you got some other assets to call on. 

Contacts: Want to know the word on the street?  How about the word on every street in five systems?  Contacts are nice.  Knowledge is power. 

Membership: You may not have the power, but you're attached to someone who does.  You get the benefits of a larger organization, but you don't call the shots, and there are certain obligations. 

Special Project: Either within a mega-corp or a government, you are in charge of a special project.  Whether its an advanced hyper gate travel or a bio-engineered humans, you are working on something that your benefactor wants to keep quiet.  However, the resources are great in the related field. 

Allies: You have some people out there who (gasp) actually like you and go out of their way to help you out.  However, as much they will help you, they can't do everything.  Regular points - Associate, they use you as much as they use them.  X2 points - Friend, will bail you out of jail.  X3 points - Good friend, will pay for your lawyer.  X4 points - Best friend, will bury the body for you. 

Personal Control: You own someone.  Though either blackmail or honor, someone has to listen to you.  It just matters how important they are and how much they owe you. 

Personal Organization: you have a personal organization that you control.  This can be a cult or a radical group that you lead.  (Double the price for complete outfit in equipment)

Henchmen: These are simple employees.  You pay them and they work for you.  Not much more.  1 point per 5 employees.

Employee: You are an employee of a corporation.  Not really powerful in and of yourself but you can draw on the resources of the corporation. 

Items: A magical relic or technological piece of hardware.  Usually unique or of rare quality.  You will need to spend experience points to use them more effectively. 


Character Examples

All right, now that you've got the rules down pat, you're not exactly sure where your new character would fit on the grand scheme of things.  Fair enough - here we go!

LaShonda Dufrene - Starting Character


C: 5 - After all those years in the TI, she can go toe-to-toe with most nastiness.

St: 3 - Pretty well skilled, but not a strategic genius.

M: 6 - Lightning bolt?  Kids' play.  Thunderstorm?  Give me a moment.

So: 2 - She avoids getting into bar fights.

I: 5 - If there was a University of Deep Space, she'd have a Master's Degree.

Military Rank: Lieutenant, 1 pt.

Illegal Industry: Large, 3 pts.

Contacts: Universe-wide, 5 pts.

Personal Strike Group: Platoon, 2 pts

Minor Addict: Slight Addict, Alcohol, 1 pt

Power Item: Low, Invisibility Ring, 1 pt

Character Total: 30 points  

LaShonda grew up on the dirt ball of Proxima Centauri, to a lower middle class family.  When her arcane powers revealed themselves, she was drafted into the Tech Infantry.  After serving for ten years, and having risen to the rank of Lieutenant, the Caal struck.  Assigned to a distant planet, her unit was suddenly at loose ends when the Federation fell apart.  Not waiting to get her soul stolen, she fled until after the war was over.  Without a government to serve, she used her knowledge of Tech Infantry stockpiles to start selling government surplus to the highest bidder.  Other unemployed troopers joined in the fun and within a few months, she created a gun running business out of thin air.


Miro Creed - Experienced Character


C: 8 - Takes a licking, keeps on ticking.

St: 5 - Knows how to get what he's looking for.

M: 7 - Adept at using his horadrim skills.

So: 4 - Shoot first and ask questions later.

I: 5 - Knows what he's looking for.

Contacts - Nationwide: 5 points

Allies - Galactic Rock/Pop star Priscilla Savant - Mover & Shaker, Good Friend: 6 points

Employment -Priscilla Savant's personal bodyguard (equiv.  Manager Level/Small Corp): 2 points

Character Total: 40 points

Disappeared some time during Season 4.3 - Never heard from again...